Keystroke Biometric Authentication
on Smartphone Data


This project requires an understanding of biometrics and especially the keystroke biometric. The literature review should include a review of gesture recognition since taps, swipes, and other touch screen input movements are basically gestures.


This project will be a continuation of earlier work [1]. The work will focus on (and be restricted to) developing a robust keystroke biometric system for touch screen input on Android devices.

The keystroke dynamics for text input on handheld devices with their touch screens and soft keyboards will have considerably different characteristics in contrast to the dynamics on desktop/laptop machines with hard keyboards. In fact, on Android devices it is possible to enter more than one character with a single screen touch gesture. Therefore, this study will investigate the viability of the keystroke biometric on handheld devices.

Project Steps


  1. Michael J. Coakley, John V. Monaco, and Charles C. Tappert, Numeric-Passcode Keystroke Biometric Studies on Smartphones, Proc. Research Day, CSIS, Pace University, May 2015.