Online Keystroke Test-Taker Authentication
System Testing & Maintenance


This project requires an understanding of biometrics and especially the keystroke biometric and the Pace University System.


This semester's project involves system testing and maintenance - no programming is involved.

A new frontend interface component was recently implemented in Moodle by Vinnie Monaco. Moodle is a free source e-learning software platform, similar to the not free Blackboard software. The data captured will be processed by PKBS to verify the identity of the student entering the data.

Pilot studies of this system will be conducted at Pace University and Pasaic Community College during the fall semester. The study undertaken here is basically a case study of the viability of the system:

An analysis will be made of the overall operation of the system as well as the system performance on the student test takers. Although we will start with a brief user manual in these pilot studies, one of the deliverables for this project will be a rewrite of the user manual.

Key References - earlier student test-taker studies at Pace

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