Physician Assistance System


Medical information is provided in a plethora of formats and from many sources. Despite technological advances regarding access to information, it remains extremely difficult to manage the many volumes of information and provide effective care for patients.


The present application regards a system and method that includes a computer-based tool to assist primary care physicians to make accurate and cost-effective evaluations, which aid in establishing the diagnoses of diseases and medical disorders. Such evaluation may be made on the basis of signs and symptoms described by patients or observed by physicians. The present application further regards, generally, management and display of medical information, including patient medical records, and more specifically, regards the generation and use of a new medical definitions and conditions database. In one or more implementations, an integration of the database with a software platform is provided to provide a medical terms definitions, as well as diagnostic and treatment information. A platform may be further provided wherein the dictionary is integrated or otherwise provided with medical reports received from various sources, such as referring doctors, specialists, laboratories, or the like.

Additionally, a plurality of data sources are accessed for populating a database of medical health information. The information may include information representing one or more medical conditions, such as diseases, results of trauma, infections, viruses, parasites and congenital defects. The information may further include individual patient medical health records, such as relating to treatments, physician (or other healthcare provider) visits, medical tests and/or analysis thereof, or the like. The information associated with these sources may be received and processed in various ways, such as via email, fax, SMS, file upload, data import, etc.