PHP-MySQL Systems

This semester, work will be conducted on two MySQL databases with PHP web interfaces.


DPS Dissertation Database System

The Doctor of Professional Studies (DPS) in Computing at Pace University is a a unique doctoral program that allows active IT professionals to earn a doctorate degree in three years through part-time study. There are currently about 80 completed DPS dissertations, see DPS dissertations (pw=digitalthesis).

The DPS dissertation database categorizes dissertations in a number of ways and collects associated information in one location. Each dissertation is given

Last semester the DPS Dissertation Database was reactivated and updated with improvements, new reports, etc., see 2016 Fall Project Paper. Earlier work on the database has also been described in Research Day Conference 2012 paper and Research Day Conference 2014 paper.

Genealogy System

An earlier project developed a Genealogy system, see Genealogy Database Manual.


DPS Dissertation Database System

This semester the database will be populated with dissertation data from recent years. The system may also be further improved.

Genealogy System

The old Genealogy System will be reactivated and updated. Access to the server directory containing the database will be provided.