Biometric Access
Acceptability/Ease-of-Use Study


Currently, verification of users of mobile devices is almost exclusively via username and password. With passwords easily lost or compromised we need more secure access to smartphones and laptops. This is an extremely important and growing problem.

Some Interesting Related Developments

Gartner report on mobile device authentication.
Intel unveils in 2015 a Password Manager App that opens sites with user's face.
A Digital Tattoo can unlock a phone.
Nordic Bank has a Typing Behavior App and Your keyboard might know what you're feeling.

Project Description

This project is a continuation of earlier projects [1, 2, 3].

Some biometric systems are more acceptable by users than others - for example, most users don't like to have their retinas scanned because the equipment is intrusive, the user having to place his/her face into a device for the scan. Biometric systems also vary in their ease-of-use.

This project will conduct usability studies to evaluate the acceptability and the ease-of-use of two or more biometric prototype systems. Recognition Technologies, Inc. will allow us to use their proprietary facial and speaker verification systems for these studies.

As with the earlier projects, evaluations will be obtained through interviews and surveys from the experimental users of these biometric systems. Much of the project work will involve the design of the experimental study. This will likely involve a preliminary exploratory study involving the project team to get a feeling of the possibilities. Then, design the study - for example, perhaps balance the sudy by having half the participants begin with the speaker verification system and then move to the facial verification system and vice versa for the other half, design the environmental conditions (noise, etc.) and the actions to be taken by the participants, etc. Finally, recruit experimental participants, conduct the study, and analyze the results.

Last semester's team created a video and survey, see video where you first see Dr. Beigi and then the project team members and the daughter of one member.


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