VoiceXML Applications

TellMe and BeVocal are voice portals that allows you to develop and setup your VoiceXML application without cost. Pace University's Pervasive Computing lab will shortly provide a similar service. Although these applications currently use the voice portals' telephone interfaces, the VoiceXML code and databases are located on Pace University or student servers.

Directions for using the applications on the voice portals: call the listed phone number and enter the requested information by voice. Enter numbers one digit at a time -- for example, say 80544 as eight-zero-five-four-four.

Pace Student/Faculty Experimental Apps on TellMe: call 1-800-555-8965
Application DevID Pin Test
Absentee System 76901 9866 Instructions Web 1938/1938
DPS Grades 80544 6230 S0000
CS616 Grades 50538 8870 S0000
Valentine 21401 1938 1
Real Estate 47253 1003 Search/No/PaloAlto,CA/etc.
DPS Dissertation 47368 1003 Jonathan or Lawler (none)
Restaurant 33225 8204 New York/New York/Indian
Survey 55783 4471 -
Metro North Trains 26476 2624 White Plains to Grand Central

Experimental Apps on BeVocal: call 1-800-428-6225 and say "BeVocal Cafe"
Application DemoID Test Results
Hudson Valley Internet Shopping Survey 7690001 follow directions Survey Results

Some Commercial and Professional VoiceXML Applications
Application Phone# Test
TellMe's Air Travel Advisory 877-322-9438 Airport Status/NY NY
Security Policy
Travel Briefing
TellMe's Main Site 800-555-TELL For latest on terrists, etc.,
say: news center/top stories
United Airline Flight Info System 800-824-6200 Flight Number/Arrival or Departure
I don't know it
Amtrack Information System 800-USA-RAIL
Amtrack train information
IBM Watson Research Center 914-945-3000 press 1 for voice enabled phone system
Pace University White Pages 914-944-2960 just try it