The Michael L. Gargano
   19th Annual Research Day

Friday, April 30th, 2021
Sponsored by: Office of the Dean
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  This year's conference will be held virtually via Zoom.

  9:00-9:10: Welcome and Introduction
             Dr. Jonathan Hill, Dean, Seidenberg School of CSIS

  9:10-9:30: Beatrice Worsley, Kathleen Antonelli, and Ron Frank,  Dr. Charles Tappert

The presentation sessions cover topics in various areas of computing. Below are links to each paper and presentation slides if available.

  9:30-11:15: Paper Session 1   Quantum Computing
             The research in this session was supported, in part, by an IBM Faculty Grant
             Session Chair: Dr. Daniel Evans, CSIS
  1. An Analysis of Quantum Computing Courses World Wide slides
    Carl L. Friedrichs, Nathan Honegan, Daniel Zaferatos, Daniel Evans.
  2. COVID-19 Grant Proposals for Seidenberg slides
    Kevin B. McGovern, Priyanka Gurung, Jingxiang Huang, John P. Julich, Akshay Savithru Krishna.
  3. A Quantum Computing Architecture based Decoherence Model slides
    Lewis Westfall
  4. Comparing Quantum Computing Platforms slides
    Siddh Agarwal, Gio Abou Jaoude, Avery Leider
  5. General Controlled Gates slides
    Daniel Evans
11:15:-11:30: Short Break
11:30-1:00: Paper Session 2   Machine Learning
             Session Chair: Dr. Stephan Barabasi, CSIS & IBM
  1. Measuring the Value of Capstone Computing Projects slides
    Eric Stern, Lauren Brewster, Jan Naguib, Marcel Georges, John Saccomano, Patrick Hyland Kelly.
  2. Using Data Analytics To Extract Top Keywords and Trends in Information Technologies slides
    Anju Jain, Lina Montoya, Aftab Hossain, Edgar Cardona, Ofelia DeFran, Priyanka Gurung, Jane Shmidt.
  3. Evaluating the Value of Online Technology Learning Communities slides
    Dhairya Parikh, Waseem Akhter, Johanny Ellrodt, Melissa Evans, Gabriela Gaibor, Akshay Krishna, Nyema Williams, Moath Nuseir.
  4. An Analysis of the Factors Relating to the Value of Capstone Computing Courses slides
    Kyle Bull, Laila Mubashar, Richard Lall, Jane Schmidt
  5. Using Data Analytics to Develop a Web Resource to Access Trends in Information Technology Careers slides
    Lawrence E. Robcke, Dhairya Harsh Parikh, Yvonne Gil, Jingxiang Huang.
1:00-2:00: Lunch Break

  2:00-3:15: Paper Session 3   Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics
             Session Chair: Lewis Westfall, CS PhD Candidate
  1. Meeting Security Challenges of SCADA slides
    Alecia Copeland-Barrett, Steven Stefano, Stephanie Menoscal, Paula Hernandez-Medina, Xinchen Yi, Nadia Walker
  2. A Dark Web Threat Intelligence Strategy for Law Enforcement slides
    Jennifer Chavez, Shavvon Cintron, Juanita Maya, Albert Elezovic.
  3. Identifying Wearable Vulnerabilities and Recommendations For Improved Security slides
    Anju Jain, Natasha Brown, Sondra Achimon, Rocco Messiti.
  4. Swimloop: A Progressive Web Application for Supporting Communication between Swimming Coaches and their Athletes slides
    Marta Hasny, Andreea Cotoranu.
  3:15-3:30: Short Break
  3:30-4:45: Paper Session 4   Other Computing Technologies
             Session Chair: Kaleema LNU, CS PhD Candidate
  1. Analysis of Capstone Computing Courses slides
    Oneil Morgan, Michael Amoah, Aaron Dennis, Robert Scott.
  2. Survey of Software as a Service Customer Relationship Management Systems slides
    Joe Ferrucci, Sriram Rakshith Kolar, Evan Maroge, Sean de los Santos, Xinchen Yi.
  3. Using Self-Confidence and Identity to Build Perseverance in MOOC for STEM slides
    Avery Leider, Abigail Strobel and Charles Tappert
  4. An Empirical Evidence Evaluation of Carrier Packet Transport Network Components Reliability Analysis of the Cisco Carrier Packet TransportFabric Card slides
    Lauren Clarke, Gary Fisher, and Charles C. Tappert
  4:45: Concluding Remarks
             Dr. Charles Tappert, Professor of Computer Science