The Michael L. Gargano
   17th Annual Research Day

Friday, May 3th, 2019
Sponsored by: Office of the Dean
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  8:45am: Arrival/Light Breakfast, Multi-Purpose Room, Kessel Student Center, Pleasantville

  9:00-9:05: Welcome and Introduction
             Dr. Susan Feather-Gannon, Associate Dean, Seidenberg School of CSIS

  9:05-9:15: Nathaniel Rochester and J. Presper Eckert  Dr. Charles Tappert

The presentation sessions cover topics in various areas of computing. Below are links to each paper and presentation slides if available.

  9:15-11:15: Paper Session 1   Quantum Computing
             Session Chair: Dr. Ron Frank, CSIS
  1. Experience Teaching Quantum Computing slides
    Charles C. Tappert, Ronald I. Frank, Istvan Barabasi, Avery M. Leider, Daniel Evans, and Lewis Westfall
  2. A Necessary and Sufficient Contition for 2-D Qubits to be Entangled slides
    Ronald I. Frank
  3. Extending CNOT's to n-Qubits slides
    Daniel Evans
  4. Quantum Annealing and Experience with D-Wave Systems
    Dhruvil Gandhi and Akshay More
  5. Shor's Algorithm Simplified
    Justin A. Brandon and Tejasvini Shelar
  6. Quantum Error Correction Basics
    Mohammad Z Chowdhury, Krishna Bathula, Lu Dong, and Kaleemunnisa LNU
  7. Bell States in Quantum Computing
    George Samuels, Paul Mahon, Debarshi Dutta, Sheetal Vasant Nikam, Lewis Westfall, Sukun Li, Avery Leider and Charles C. Tappert
  8. Cryptography in Quantum Computing
    Pam Choy and Dustin Cates Florent Chehwan and Cindy Rodriguez, Avery Leider and Charles C. Tappert
  9. Quantum Computer Search Algorithms; Can we outperform the classical search algorithms?
    Avery Leider, Sadida Siddiqui, Daniel A. Sabol and Charles C. Tappert
  10. Teaching Quantum Computing with Videos
    Avery Leider, Lewis Westfall, Charles C. Tappert, Daniel A. Sabol and Jack Glinka
  11. KNN Algorithm Simulation Based on Quantum Information
    Ning Yang
  12. Superdense Coding Step by Step
    Lewis Westfall and Avery Leider
  13. Exploring Quantum Approximations of Traveling Salesman
    Jonathan Koller, William Bender, and Istvan Barabasi
  14. Teaching High School Quantum Computing Scenarios
    Junbin Sun
  15. From Rosenblatt’s Perceptron to Quantum Neural Networks; QNNs as the Next Stage of AI Revolution
    Istvan Barabasi
11:15:-11:30: Short Break
11:30-12:30: Paper Session 2   Miscellaneous Information Technology
             Session Chair: Prof. Avery Leider
  1. Data Integrity Model for Environmental Sensing
    Daniel T. Siegel, Leanne D. Keeley, Poorva P. Shelke, Andreea Cotoranu, Matt Ganis
  2. Brain Signal Biometrics with Virtual Reality
    Sukun Li, Sonal Savaliya, Leonard Marino, Jonathan Koller, Avery Leider and Charles C. Tappert
  3. Human-Computer Interaction with Virtual Reality using Brain Signals Computing
    John Fourkas, Atik Khatri, Robert Abel, Sonal Savaliya, Milind Bandu Ikke, Sukun Li, Avery Leider and Charles C. Tappert
  4. Index of Difficulty Measurement for Handedness with Biometric Authentication
    Kathleen Brush, Nabil El Achraoui, Jennifer Boyd, Jacob Johnson, Randy Chepenik, Tarik McLean, Sadida Siddiqui, Aditee Verma, John Sheridan, Avery Leider, and Charles C. Tappert
  5. Index of Difficulty Measurement for Handedness in Human Computer Interaction
    Kathleen Brush, Aditee Verma, Sadida Siddiqui, John Sheridan, Avery Leider and Charles Tappert
  6. Drunk Driving Prevention Application Using Modern Techniques
    Jamente Cooper, Liang Dai, Chao Peng, Erin Stansbury, Tom Varghese, and Charles Tappert
  7. Dynamic Trust and Reputation Model for Secure Communications Utilizing Bluetooth Service Discovery Protocol
    Mantie N. Reid
  8. A Protocol for Service to Service Authentication using Token Challenge Response
    Hiresha Kewalramani and Nader Nassar
12:30-1:30: Lunch

  1:30-3:00: Paper Session 3   Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
             Session Chair: Prof. Stephan Barabasi
  1. Employing Machine-Learning to Understand Research Trends of Full-Time Working Professionals
    Ashley J. Haigler, Suzanna E. Schmeelk, Tonya L. Fields, Lisa R. Ellrodt, and Ion C. Freeman
  2. AI's Effect on the Economy: An Evolutionary Step Forward
    Denise Dragos, Paxton J. Louis, Philip Ricciardi, and Miguel Zhindon
  3. One-Shot Deep Learning Models of Long-Term Declarative Episodic Memory
    Yousef Alhawaiti, Mohammed Z. Chowdhury, Abu Kamruzzaman, and Charles C. Tappert
  4. Mortgage Credit Risk Analysis via Machine Learning
    Sivakumar Pillai, Jennifer Woodbury, Nikhil Dikshit, Chaitanya Potnis, Akshit Shah, Megan Polak, Ujwal Pathak
  5. Machine Learning Analysis of Mortgage Credit Risk
    Siva Pillai, Jennifer Woodbury, Megan Polak and Ujwal Pathak Akshit Shah and Chaitanya Potnis, Avery Leider and Charles C. Tappert
  6. A Deep Learning Model of Long Term Declarative Episodic Memory Storage
    Yousef Alhwaiti, Florent Chehwan, Attila Papp, Erin Stansbury, Charles Tappert
  7. Developing a Deep Learning Model to Implement Rosenblatt's Experiential Memory Brain Model
    Yousef S. Alhwaiti, Abu S. Kamruzzaman, Neil I. Lynch, Shalwak N. Dangore, Shruti S. Bakare, Tejasvini A. Shelar, Prashant D. Bhalani and Charles C. Tappert
  8. A Preliminary Machine Learning Model for Extended Comparative Market Analysis
    Binu Jacob and Charles Tappert
  3:00-3:15: Short Break
  3:15-4:45: Paper Session 4   Other Emerging Information Technologies
             Session Chair: Justin Brandon
  1. Experience Teaching Emerging Information Technologies slides
    Charles C. Tappert and Tilak Agerwala
  2. Blockchain Technology in the Shipping Industry: What can we learn from early adopters?
    Binu Jacob, Joseph Porter, Jr., Rajesh Khemraj, David Lasecki, Edmund Miller, Jr.
  3. Blockchain a Viable Option for the Music Industry?
    Joseph Porter, Hassan Joseph, Michael Ashikari, Rashad Cherry, Rodney Richardson Richard Paltoo and Charles C. Tappert
  4. Managing Weather Data with Environmental Blockchain Network
    Megan Dramski, Christopher Seeber, Evelyn Krivorotova, Joel Thomas, Matthew R. Ganis, Avery Leider, and Charles C. Tappert
  5. Collective Intelligence - A Group's Perspective
    Maisha Joseph, William Moloney, Brian Cococcia, Kevin Goke, Tejasvini Shelar, Charles C. Tappert, Avery Leider
  4:45: Concluding Remarks
             Dr. Charles Tappert, Professor of Computer Science