The Michael L. Gargano
   12th Annual Research Day

Friday, May 2nd, 2014
Sponsored by: Office of the Dean
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  8:45am: Arrival/Light Breakfast, Room 204, Graduate Center, White Plains

  9:00-9:10: Welcome and Introduction
             Dr. Amar Gupta, Dean, Seidenberg School of CSIS

  9:10-9:15: What is Research Day?  Dr. Charles Tappert

  9:15-9:30: Keynote Speaker:  Paul Dantzig

The presentation sessions cover topics in various areas of computing. Presentation slides will be made available if received from the presenters.

  9:30-10:45: Paper Session 1   Topic: Telehealth and Related Data Mining Studies
             Session Chair: Leigh Anne Clevenger, DPS'16
  1. The Current Status of the Telehealth Industry Bryan Ennis, Lisa Drury, Stephanie Feddock, Yudelka Otero, Jamel Stringer, Christina Timoni, Anthony Visciglia slides
  2. Sustainable Telehealthcare Delivery Model for Diverse Socio-Economic Communities Mary Stanford and Dave Gaur slides
  3. A Multivariate Biomarker for Parkinson's Disease Giancarlo Crocetti, Michael Coakley, Phil Dressner, Wanda Kellum, Tamba Lamin slides
  4. Using Ensemble Models in the Histological Examination of Tissue Abnormalities Giancarlo Crocetti, Michael Coakley, Phil Dressner, Wanda Kellum, Tamba Lamin slides
  5. Analysis of New York State Medicaid Program Enrollment by Month: Beginning 2009 Stephanie Feddock, Jennifer Flynn, Michele Kirchhoff, Nader Nassar, James Sicuranza
  6. Predicting Body Composition Using Simple Measurement Techniques Tim Johnson, Javier Navarro, Idongesit Idiong, and Mark Weeks slides
  7. The Security Risk Perception Model for the Adoption of Mobile Devices in the Healthcare Industry Alex Alexandrou and Li-Chiou Chen slides
10:45-11:00: Short Break
11:00-12:30: Paper Session 2   Topic: Behavioral Biometrics
             Session Chair: Phil Dressner, DPS'15
  1. Using a Predefined Passphrase to Evaluate a Speaker Verification System Jonathan Leet, John V. Monaco, John Gibbons, and Charles C. Tappert
  2. Voiceprint Biometric Authentication System John Gibbons, Anna Lo, Aditya Chohan, A. Taleb Damaree, Jonathan Leet, and Vinnie Monaco
  3. Behavioral Biometric User Verification in Human-Computer Interaction Tasks John V.Monaco, Andreea Cotoranu, and Charles C. Tappert
  4. Classification and Authentication of One-dimensional Behavioral Biometrics John V.Monaco
  5. Mouse Biometric Authentication Francisco Betances, Adam Pine, Gerald Thompson, Hedieh Zandikarimi, and Vinnie Monaco
  6. Design of a Mouse Movement Biometric System to Verify the Identity of Students Taking Multiple-Choice Online Tests Hedieh Zandikarimi, Frank Lin, Celia Carlos, Justin Correa, Phil Dressner, and Vinnie Monaco
  7. Text Input Biometric System Design for Handheld Devices Naif Alotaibi, Emmanuel Bruno, Michael Coakley, Alexander Gazarov, Vinnie Monaco, Stephen Winard, Filip Witkowski, Alecia Copeland, Peter Nebauer, Christopher Keene, and Joshua Williams slides
  8. Biometric System Design for Handheld Devices Naif Alotaibi, Richard Barilla, Francisco Betances, Aditya Chohan, Alexandra Scolaro, Alexander Gazarov, Mantie Reid, and Vinnie Monaco slides
  9. Designing a Multi-Biometric System to Fuse Classification Output of Several Pace University Biometric Systems Leigh Anne Clevenger, Laura Davis, Paola M. Garcia Cardenas, Onenetta Labeach, Vinny Monaco, and James Ng slides
  10. Touch-Screen Mobile-Device Data Collection for Biometric Studies W. Ciaurro, B. Major, D. Panchal, G. Perez, R. Rana, M. Rana, R. Reyes, S. Rodriguez, D. Sang, R. Valdez, and D. Zulaga slides
12:30-1:30: Lunch, Room 204

  1:30-2:45: Paper Session 3   Topic: Web Technology
             Session Chair: Sar Jayaraman, DPS'16
  1. Efficient Information Access in Enterprise Content Management Systems using Semantic Technologies Raj Kumaran and Lixin Tao
  2. Heuristic Approach to Manage Semantic Heterogeneity and Data Inconsistency in Enterprise Data Integration Srinivasan Shanmugam and Lixin Tao
  3. Syntax Agnostic Semantic Validation of XML Documents using Schematron Amer Ali and Lixin Tao
  4. Social Media: A Privacy Perspective and Survey Marc A. Kowtko
  5. Authorship Authentication Using Short Messages from Social Networking Sites Jenny Li, Li-Chiou Chen, John. V. Monaco, and Charles C. Tappert
  6. Cloud Computing and Security David B. Brogan
  2:45-3:00: Short Break
  3:00-4:30: Paper Session 4   Topic: Information Technology
             Session Chair: Wanda Kellum, DPS'15
  1. Several Emerging Information Technology Topics and Related Doctoral Dissertation Ideas S. Cicoria, J. Sherlock, M. Muniswamaiah, L. Clarke, G. Crocetti, M. Coakley, P. Dressner, W. Kellum, T. Lamin, S.Feddock, J. Flynn, M. Kirchhoff, N. Nassar, J. Sicuranza, T. Johnson, J. Navarro, I. Idiong, and M. Weeks
  2. An Agile Approach to Doctoral Research and Dissertations Gilbert Alipui, Claude Asamoah, Richard Barilla, Leigh Anne Clevenger, Alecia Copeland, Sam Elnagdy, Hugh Eng, Michael Holmes, Saravanan Jayaraman, Kevin Khan, Steven Lindo, Javid Maghsoudi, Mantie Reid, Michael Salé slides
  3. Classification of Titanic Passenger Data and Chances of Surviving the Disaster Shawn Cicoria, John Sherlock, Manoj Muniswamaiah, and Lauren Clarke slides
  4. Textual Spatial Cosine Similarity Giancarlo Crocetti slides
  5. Software Data Masking for Showcasing Programming Skills Gabriel Young, Nicole Semple, Shawn Cicoria, Shane Kirk, and Stephanie Feddock slides
  6. Web Interfaces to Backend Databases Using PHP+MySQL Dee Dee Daniel
  7. A Regular Data Array Holographic Principle Ronald I. Frank slides
  4:30: Concluding Remarks
             Dr. Fred Grossman, Director, DPS in Computing Program