The Michael L. Gargano
   13th Annual Research Day

Friday, May 1st, 2015
Sponsored by: Office of the Dean
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  8:45am: Arrival/Light Breakfast, Room 204, Graduate Center, White Plains

  9:00-9:10: Welcome and Introduction
             Dr. Amar Gupta, Dean, Seidenberg School of CSIS

  9:10-9:30: Research Day Statistics and Richard Hamming  Dr. Charles Tappert

The presentation sessions cover topics in various areas of computing. Presentation slides will be made available if received from the presenters.

  9:30-10:30: Paper Session 1   Topic: Testing and Qualitative Studies
             Session Chair: Leigh Anne Clevenger, DPS 2016
  1. Smartphone/Laptop Security Acceptability/Ease-of-Use Study Jimmy Leon, George Chacko, Daniel Weise, Emmanuel Ruiz, Hugh Eng, and Homayoon Beigi slides
  2. Using QA/Testing/Maintenance to Ensure Standardization and Quality of Capstone Project Work Erik Bauer, Wiley Chrisley, Hugh Eng, Ashley Haigler, Krista Inman, and Charles C. Tappert slides
  3. Acceptability Research for Audio Visual Recognition Technology Jason Justiniano, Catherine Javier, Alon Blecher, and Homayoon Beigi
  4. Designing an Acceptability Experiment for Biometric Authentication Access Control Francisco Mejias and Homayoon Beigi
  5. Usability Case Study: Reduce an Organization’s Usage of Text-based Passwords by Using Built-in Device Hardware for User Authentication James Sicuranza
  6. Design and User Acceptability Testing of Secure Mobile Phone Authentication Mechanism Based on Fingerprint Sensing and Geofencing Sara Siddiqui, Nitish Nandkumar Pisal, Nikhita Gopidi, Nishant Maheshbhai Patel, Tanya Sahin, Shreyansh Shah, Leigh Anne Clevenger, Javid Maghsoudi, John V. Monaco, and Charles C. Tappert slides
  7. Developing a User Identification Mechanism for Secure Mobile Phone Access Replacing the Tedious Username/Password Javier Castillo, Ashley Haigler, Sara Siddiqui, Mychal Wilson, Leigh Anne Clevenger, and Charles C. Tappert slides
10:30-10:45: Short Break
10:45-12:30: Paper Session 2   Topic: Behavioral Biometric Studies
             Session Chair: Mike Coakley, DPS 2015
  1. "A Survey of Classification Methods Used in Keystroke Biometric Systems," Md Liakat Ali, Charles C. Tappert, and Meikang Qiu slides
  2. "Hidden Markov Models in Keystroke Dynamics," Md Liakat Ali, John V. Monaco, and Charles C. Tappert slides
  3. Spoofing Key-press Latencies with a Generative Keystroke Dynamics Model John V. Monaco, Md Liakat Ali, and Charles C. Tappert slides
  4. Numeric-Passcode Keystroke Biometric Studies on Smartphones Michael J. Coakley, John V. Monaco, and Charles C. Tappert slides
  5. Handling Artificial Acceleration in Mouse Movement Biometrics Shawn C. Gross and John V. Monaco slides
  6. Design of the Data Input Structure for a Mouse Movement Biometric System to Authenticate the Identity of Online Test Takers Francis Buckley, Vito Barnes, Thomas Corum, Stephen Gelardi, Keith Rainsford, Phil Dressner, and John V. Monaco
  7. Multi-Biometric System Chris Chiffriller, Gabriel Dos Santos, Chris George, Subah Sachdeva, Leigh Anne Clevenger, and John V. Monaco slides
  8. Multi-Biometrics: Keystroke and Mouse Motion Fusion at the Classification Output Level Todd Breuer, Paola Garcia Cardenas, Anu George, Hung Hai Le, Leigh Anne Clevenger, and John V. Monaco slides
  9. User Authentication with Android Accelerometer and Gyroscope Sensors Christopher Carlson, Toney Chen, Jeremy Cruz, Javid Maghsoudi, Hui Zhao, and John V. Monaco slides
  10. Keystroke Biometric System for Touch Screen Text Input on Android Devices Shawn Carleton, Joshua Chechile, Michael Coakley, Jenny Martin, John V. Monaco, David Weisbrot
  11. Biometric User Authentication on Smartphone Accelerometer Sensor Data Noufal Kunnathu
  12. Analyzing Impaired-User Input Scenarios for Keystroke Biometric Authentication Gonzalo E. Perez, John V. Monaco, and Charles C. Tappert slides
  13. Biometric Identification Using Visual System Classification on Handheld Devices Robb Zucker slides
12:30-1:30: Lunch, Room 208

  1:30-2:45: Paper Session 3   Topic: Miscellaneous Information Technology Topics
             Session Chair: Vinnie Monaco, PhD 2015
  1. Modeling Terrorist Activity Ronald G. Williams, Kevin Henry, Kristie Marie Roman, William Wrublewski, and John V. Monaco slides
  2. Evaluating Various Color Spaces in Human Assisted Visual Pattern Classification Geraldine Dena Berthelette, Alexander Lukyanov, Alexander Mei, Adriel Velazquez, Jemuel Staine, and Amir Schur slides
  3. Development of the User Interface for a City of White Plains Parking App Ari Butowsky, Keke Gai, Mike Coakley, and Meikang Qiu slides
  4. The Enterprise Transformation Architecture (ETA) Larissa Zhurakovskaya, Amit Mitra, and Amar Gupta slides
  5. Mobile Personal Health Gilbert Alipui, Claude Asamoah, Alecia Copeland, Michael Holmes, and Sar Jayaraman
  6. Benefits of Telehealth: Reducing Hospitalization for Older Adults Ashlyn Darmanin and Chris Gaur slides
  7. Phylogenetic Tree Visualization: Challenges and Solutions Md Liakat Ali and Sung-Hyuk Cha slides
  2:45-3:00: Short Break
  3:00-4:30: Paper Session 4   Topic: Information Technology Education-Related Studies
             Session Chair: Hugh Eng, DPS 2016
  1. Analysis of Capstone Computing Courses Todd Breuer, Nancy Campoverde, Jo Hanna, Brian Humphries, and Charles C. Tappert slides
  2. Updating the CIS 101 Course in the Seidenberg School of CSIS Daniel Reicher and Mary Courtney slides
  3. Enhancing Student Learning of Programming via Gaming Technology Ari Butowsky and Mary Courtney slides
  4. An Agile Approach to the Doctoral Dissertation Process Amir Ataee, Sonnie Avenbuan, Marvin Billings, Sharice Cannady, Terrance Hamilton, LLiver Jose, Davis Mirilla, Mark Pisano, Michael Powell, Egal Sanchez, Michael Sidaras-Tirrito, Anandi Singh, Pedro Vasseur slides
  5. Big Data Machine Learning Algorithms Gilbert Alipui, Claude Asamoah, Richard Barilla, Leigh Anne Clevenger, Alecia Copeland, Sam Elnagdy, Hugh Eng, Michael Holmes, Saravanan Jayaraman, Kevin Khan, Steven Lindo, Javid Maghsoudi, Mantie Reid, Michael Salé, and Charles C. Tappert slides
  6. Big Data: A Foundational Explanation Michael J. Salé, Richard J. Barilla, Steven Lindo, and Sam Elnagdy slides
  7. Parallel Computing Hardware and Software Architectures for High Performance Computing Leigh Anne Clevenger, Hugh Eng, Kevin Khan, Javid Maghsoudi, and Mantie Reid slides
  4:30: Concluding Remarks
             Dr. Lixin Tao, Director, Seidenberg CSIS Doctoral Programs