The Michael L. Gargano
   14th Annual Research Day

Friday, May 6st, 2016
Sponsored by: Office of the Dean
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  8:45am: Arrival/Light Breakfast, Gottesman Room, Student Union, Pleasantville

  9:00-9:10: Welcome and Introduction
             Dr. Jonathan Hill, Dean, Seidenberg School of CSIS

  9:10-9:30: Research Day Statistics and Claude Shannon  Dr. Charles Tappert

The presentation sessions cover topics in various areas of computing. Presentation slides will be made available if received from the presenters.

  9:30-11:00: Paper Session 1   Topic: Mobile Applications and Miscellaneous Information Technology
             Session Chair: Leigh Anne Clevenger, DPS'16
  1. UTour Smartphone GPS Audio Tour App: An Example of Touring Pace University Krina Patel, Rama Hanuma Pulipati, Andrew Preciado, and Matthew Ganis slides
  2. Developing Mobile Applications for the Cognitively Impaired Elderly Jake Terranova, Stefan Howansky, Anthony Bonifacio, Hassan Joseph, and Jean F. Coppola slides
  3. An Agile Approach to Doctoral Research and Dissertation Completion Ephraim O. Adeola, T. Thomas Lahoud, John Lawrence, Jonas E. Malmsten, Afzal Modak, Anthony S. Richardson, Andrey Rybka, Daniel Sabol, and Kenneth Triplin slides
  4. Real Estate Firm Facing Challenges to Implement Integrated versus Isolated Computing Platform Melanie A. Greene slides
  5. Health Features of Activity Trackers: Motivation, Goal Achievement, and Usability George Angulo, David Brogan, Anthony Martini, Jue Wang, and Leigh Anne Clevenger slides
  6. Quality Assurance Management of Capstone Course Projects Ace Atienza, Joseph Martin, Devon Simmons, and Hugh Eng slides
  7. A Research Inventory Database for the Hudson/Mohawk River Watershed Project Daniel Farkas, Enrique Paz, Ethan Garrison, James Greene, Jose Gonzalez, and Kin Zhao slides
  8. The Police Shooting Incident "SHOT" Database System Hasan Arslan, Geo Artemenko, Matthew Desimini, Daniel Farkas, Peter Gelsomino, Joseph Gentile, Nikhita Gopidi, Brenden O'Reilly, Kenny Pescetto, Colin Rose, and Diego Sanchez slides
  9. A Quality Attribute Framework and Risks Analysis of Adopting NoSQL Databases Hilda Mackin, Gonzalo Perez, and Charles C. Tappert slides
  10. Wearable Technology and Older Adult Motivation: Urban versus Suburban Communities Julien Attick, Daniel Berekdar, Ryan Conklin, Felipe Villalon, Jean F. Coppola, and Chris Gaur slides
11:00-11:10: Short Break
11:10-12:30: Paper Session 2   Topic: Optimization, Knowledge Representation, and Security
             Session Chair: Robert D. Plumley, MS/CS'16
  1. A Greedy Algorithm Assignment of Capstone Course Students to Teams and Projects Using Skill Heuristics Robert D. Plumley and Charles C. Tappert slides
  2. Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization for Library Materials Acquisition Ana Wu, Daniel A. Sabol, Nikhil Saxena, and Lixin Tao slides
  3. Automated Test Framework for an On-Demand Bus-Scheduling Optimization Algorithm R.W. Taggart, K. Geevarghese, and L. Tao slides
  4. Enhancing the Usability of a Handwriting Forgery Quiz System Jatin Rajguru, Teja Chintalapudi, Neil Desai, Jose Gonzalez, Enrique Paz, and Nadja Lamaute slides
  5. A Substitution Cipher for Musical Cryptography Norissa Lamaute, Alexa Piccoli, Li-Chiou Chen, and Andreea Cotoranu slides
  6. Powering Filtration Process of Cyber Security Ecosystem Using Knowledge Graph Claude Asamoah, Lixin Tao, Keke Gai, and Ning Jiang slides
  7. Improving Data Governance in Large Organizations through Ontology and Linked Data R. J. DeStefano, Lixin Tao, and Keke Gai slides
  8. Reducing Complexity of Diagnostic Message Pattern Specification and Recognition on In-Bound Data Using Semantic Techniques Gilbert Alipui, Lixin Tao, Keke Gai, and Ning Jiang slides
  9. A Semantic Approach to Intelligent and Personal Tutoring System Maria Sette, Lixin Tao, Keke Gai, and Ning Jiang slides
  10. Drug Side Effects Data Representation and Full Spectrum Inferencing using Knowledge Graphs in Intelligent Telehealth Saravanan Jayaraman, Lixin Tao, Keke Gai, and Ning Jiang slides
12:30-1:30: Lunch, Room 208

  1:30-3:00: Paper Session 3   Topic: Biometrics
             Session Chair: Dr. Michael J. Coakley, DPS'15
  1. Review of Biometric Classification of Heart Sound for Continual User Authentication and Clinical Applications Leigh Anne H. Clevenger and Charles C. Tappert slides
  2. Determining Emotions via Facial-Expression-Analysis Biometrics Software Richard W. Taggart, Michael Dressler, Poonam Kumar, Shahroze Khan, and Jean F. Coppola slides
  3. A Biometric Acceptability and Ease-of-Use Study for High Security Access Jonte' Campbell, Phillip Nassetta, Nattakarn Osborne, Timothy Truhn, Hugh Eng, and Homayoon Beigi slides
  4. Obtaining Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves from Commercial Biometric Systems George Kulakis, Karen Olson, Jeffrey Doremus, Steffanie Geiger, and John V. Monaco slides
  5. A Study of the Channel Mismatch Problem in a Multimodal Face-Voice Biometric Access System Fallon Saratovsky, Todd Edwards, Rich Kuiters, Hugh Eng, and Homayoon Beigi slides
  6. A Biometric Security Acceptability and Ease-of-Use Study on a Palm Vein Scanner Joseph Romanowski, Kirsanov Charles, Patricia Jasso, Shreyansh Shah, and Hugh W. Eng slides
  7. A Behavioral Biometrics User Authentication Study Using Multi-Sensor Android Devices Jonathan I. Lee, Aliza Levinger, Beqir Simnica, Khushbu Kanani, Adam Pacholarz, Preston Rollins, Javid Maghsoudi, Charles C. Tappert, and Leigh Anne Clevenger slides
  8. Heart Sound Biometrics for Continual User Authentication Brian Haggarty, Melissa Lofton, Javin Na Javeed, Alexa Piccoli, and Leigh Anne Clevenger slides
  9. Using Mouse Movement Biometrics to Authenticate Students Taking Online Multiple-Choice Exams Louis Guglielmo, Steffanie Geiger, Craig Burns, Rahul Bondalapati, and Michael Sidaras-Tirrito slides
  10. Keystroke Biometric Authentication on Short Numeric Input on Mobile Devices Md Liakat Ali, Greg Goldberg, Juan Guzman, Wei Huang, Andrew Manuele, and Hardik Patel slides
  11. Towards the Development of a User Identification Mechanism for Mobile Phone Access Replacing the Traditional Password James Greene, Curtis Allison, Nishant Patel, Nitish Pisal, Hardik Harshadkumar, Leigh Anne Clevenger, Javid Maghsoudi, and Charles C. Tappert slides
  12. Keystroke Biometric Studies with Short Numeric Input on Smartphones Michael J. Coakley, John V. Monaco, and Charles C. Tappert slides
  3:00-3:10: Short Break
  3:10-4:30: Paper Session 4   Topic: Big Data and Internet of Things
             Session Chair: LLiver Jose, DPS'17
  1. An Overview of Algorithms in Three Emerging Technologies: Big Data, Internet of Things, and Wearable Technology Amir Ataee, Sonnie Avenbuan, Marvin Billings, Sharice Cannady, Terrance Hamilton, LLiver Josť, Davis Mirilla, Mark Pisano, Michael Powell, Egal Sanchez, Michael Sidaras-Tirrito, Anandi Singh, and Pedro Vasseur slides
  2. Portfolio Prediction Valuation Model: The Role of Model Risk Management in Optimization Hevel Jean-Baptiste, Mohammad Vahidalizadehdizaj, Jigar Jadav, Avery Leider, and Michael Holmes slides
  3. An Empirical Study on Evaluating Risk Management Prediction Models in the Financial Industry Using Big Data Analytics Andrew Burke, Keke Gai, Tianyu Wang, Hui Zhao, Ning Jiang, and Yahia Assiri slides
  4. A Comparison of Several Classifiers for Movie Review Sentiment Analysis Hilbert Locklear, Andreea Cotoranu, Md Ali, Aziz Altowayan, and Stephanie Haughton slides
  5. An Analysis of Information Security Event Managers and the Data Extracted for Detecting Hidden Threats Kutub Thakur, Sandra Kopecky, Moath Nuseir, Alecia Copeland, Nikhil Saxena, and Daniel Bivins slides
  6. Big Data Analysis of K-12 Student Internet Usage Pratik Dhiman, Madhuri Tirumalasetty, Yaswanth Chakka, and Jigar Jadav slides
  7. An Analysis of Student Internet Usage and its Impact on the Infrastructure of a School's Information Technology Services Curtis M. Allison, Srikanth Bottu, Monica I. Heckadon, and Avery M. Leider slides
  8. Improving Data Leakage Detection and Prevention Solutions by Reducing False Positives in Security Logs Jessica Buckridge, Ezra Finkelstein, Marlon Hasanramaj, and Pedro Vasseur slides
  9. A Study of Methane Sensors in Internet-of-Things Technology Nadime Azizi, Alecia Copeland, John Chun, Matt Ell, Khushbu Kanani, and Zuhair Khoury
  10. Methane Detection and Alerting Using Internet of Things Nadime Azizi, Alecia Copeland, Matthew Ell, Naga Ravi Teja Ganti, and Rodolfo Welch slides
  4:30: Concluding Remarks
             Dr. Lixin Tao, Director, Seidenberg CSIS Doctoral Programs