The Michael L. Gargano
   15th Annual Research Day

Friday, May 5th, 2017
Sponsored by: Office of the Dean
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  8:45am: Arrival/Light Breakfast, Gottesman Room, Student Union, Pleasantville

  9:00-9:05: Welcome and Introduction
             Dr. Jonathan Hill, Dean, Seidenberg School of CSIS

  9:05-9:30: "Father of Deep Learning" Frank Rosenblatt  Dr. Charles Tappert

The presentation sessions cover topics in various areas of computing. Full Conference Prodeedings. Below are links to each paper with some corrected versions, presentation slides if received from the presenters, and paper presenters shown in bold.

  9:30-10:45: Paper Session 1   Topic: Data Analytics and Internet of Things
             Session Chair: Mark Pisano, DPS 2017
  1. Uses Supported by Higher Education Computer Networks and an Analysis of Application Traffic Mark Pisano slides
  2. Remote Sensing in a Body of Water Using an Adafruit Feather Jordan Adelman, Norissa Lamaute, Dan Reicher, Dallas van Norden, and Matt Ganis slides
  3. Optimizing the Research Inventory Database for the Hudson/Mohawk River Watershed Project Daniel Farkas, Abdellah Chemrah, Kishan Patel, Chirag Shah, Krishna Chakka, and Pranav Narvankar slides
  4. Wearable Device Analyses and How It's Data Impacts Health Monitoring Hannah Andrade, Rodger Hughes, Thomas Lahoud, Mingxiao Luo, Julia Nomee, Victor Pruteanu, and Bhakti Sawarkar slides
  5. A Generic Approach to Big Data Alarm Prioritization Askew Ossi, Darshit Mody, Ayushi Vyas, Branker Tiffany, Pedro Vasseur, and Stephan Barabassi slides
  6. Big Data False Alarms: Improving Data Leakage Detection Solutions Eric Amlie, Peter Gelsomino, Aditya Goswamy Giri, Juan Rodriguez, and Pedro Vasseur slides
  7. Understanding Secondary School Students' Study Habits Through Analysis of Web Search Query Logs Vikas Matcha, Samuel Mann, Shijian Xu, Wilford Norales, and Jigar Jadav slides
  8. Correlation Discovery Between Student Web Queries and their GPA Jigar Jadav, Greg Goldberg, Dawn Lindelin, Andrew Preciado, and Raviteja Ganti slides
  9. Automating Database Uploads with Representational State Transfer Services Christopher Keene and Matt Desimini slides
10:45-11:00: Short Break
11:00-12:30: Paper Session 2   Topic: Mobile Applications and Miscellaneous Information Technology
             Session Chair: Abu Kamruzzaman, PhD 2018
  1. A Case Study on Improving Quality During Legacy Software Maintenance Using a Heuristic Michael J. SalÚ slides
  2. TeleCog: A Technological Advancement in the Future of Cognitive Assessments Christian A. Nahshal, Suzanne E. Miranda, Luke Shapiro, Tabitha Batte, Brandon Brown, Jean F. Coppola, Sanjeet Pakrasi, Jenn Sheffield, Argenys R. Morban, Grantham Taylor, and Noel Abebe slides
  3. Agile Approach to the Dissertation Process Daniel Evans, Hjalmar Delaude, Jamente Cooper, Kenneth Melie, Rob Nardelli, Rodger Hughes, Sivakumar Pillai, Stephan Barabasi, Zachary Dall, and Kathleen Brush slides
  4. Golden Linear Group Key Agreement Protocol Mohammad Vahidalizadehdizaj and Avery Leider slides
  5. Mobile Payment Protocol 3D by Using Cloud Messaging Mohammad Vahidalizadehdizaj and Avery Leider slides
  6. Regular Arrays are Trees Ronald Frank slides
  7. Mobile Augmented Reality as Rehabilitation for Lateropulsion Andrew Greenberg, Frank Hancock, Fabian Patino, Mayur Tolani, James Chiu, Jean F. Coppola, and David Putrino slides
  8. Distraction Therapy Using Virtual Reality for Quadriplegic Patients Robert Cohen, Muyuan Chen, Luc Celestin, Jean F. Coppola, and David Putrino slides
  9. Pain Management for Spinal Cord Injury Survivors Using Virtual Reality Di Zhang, Jean F. Coppola, and David Putrino slides
  10. Lateropulsion Rehabilitation Using Virtual Reality for Stroke Patients Christopher G. Tsatsis, Katherine E. Rice, Vera Protopopova, Darius Ramos, Jean F. Coppola, and David Putrino slides
  11. Immersive Virtual Reality for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries Mario Pichardo, George Samuels, Arton Mirakaj, Alison Hinkson, Alexa Piccoli, Saima Khot, Jean F. Coppola, and David Putrino slides
12:30-1:30: Lunch, Room 208

  1:30-3:00: Paper Session 3   Topic: Machine Learning
             Session Chair: Dr. Yegin Genc, CSIS
  1. Comparing TensorFlow Deep Learning Performance Using CPUs, GPUs, Local PCs and Cloud John Lawrence, Jonas Malmsten, Andrey Rybka, Daniel Sabol, and Ken Triplin slides
  2. Handwritten Digit Recognition Using Stacked Autoencoders Yahia Saeed, Jiwoong Kim, Lewis Westfall, and Ning Yang slides
  3. Cuttlefish: A Library for Building Elastic Distributed Neural Networks Teresa N. Brooks, Rania Almajalid, Yu Hou, and Abu Kamruzzaman slides
  4. Embryonic Mitosis Detection Using Time-Lapsed Images Joshua Acosta, Ashwin Iyer, Richard Manago, Ernest Vincent, Brian O'Leary, and Jonas Malmsten slides
  5. The Correlation between the Topic and Emotion of Tweets through Machine Learning Vincent Fiore, Kenneth Almodovar, Ange Assoumou, Debarshi Dutta, and Andreea Cotoranu slides
  6. The Relationship between Deep Learning and Brain Function Sukhjinder Nahal, Jamal Wilson, Abel Renteria, and Nusseir Moath slides
  7. Determining Emotions via Biometric Software Thomas Croteau, Akshay Dikshit, Pranav Narvankar, Bhakti Sawarkar, and Jean F. Coppola slides
  8. Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Messages Using Word2Vec Joshua Acosta, Norissa Lamaute, Mingxiao Luo, Ezra Finkelstein, and Andreea Cotoranu slides
  9. Real Time Simulation of the Human Visual System and Artificial Neural Networks Madhuri Tirumalasetty, Monali Joshi, Ashwin Iyer, Yannan Li, and Nusseir Moath slides
  10. A Novel Approach for Library Materials Acquisition using Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization Ana Wu and Daniel A. Sabol slides
  3:00-3:15: Short Break
  3:15-4:45: Paper Session 4   Topic: Biometrics, Security, Optimization, and Knowledge Representation
             Session Chair: LLiver JosÚ, DPS 2017
  1. Using Wearable Biometric Devices to Improve Patient Healthcare Outcomes with Machine Learning Algorithms Ephraim Adeola, Thomas Lahoud, Afzal Modak, and Anthony S. Richardson slides
  2. Merging Enterprise Metadata for Minimizing Business Process Changes with Knowledge Graphs LLiver JosÚ slides
  3. Biometric Authentication: Solution for All? Eiman Ahmed, Brandon DeLuca, Emily Hirowski, Connor Magee, Ivan Tang, and Jean F. Coppola slides
  4. Detecting Algorithmically Generated Domains Using Data Visualization and N-Grams Methods Tianyu Wang and Li-Chiou Chen slides
  5. Continuous Authentication through Genetic Algorithms and Eigenvector Decomposition Rony Alvarez Arzu, Siddhesh Andhari, David Douglas, Alexander Mauro, and Gene Locklear slides
  6. Usability and Acceptability of Wearable Authentication Devices Helen Delahaye, Derrick Gwin, Aditi Arun Markale, and Tom Lahoud slides
  7. Driver Authentication based on SAE/ISO Standard Onboard Diagnostics Data Shreya Rajwade, Edison Castillo, Rushabh Pipada, Akshay Dikshit, and Anthony S. Richardson slides
  8. A Study of Biometric Security Technology Acceptance and Primary Authentication James Fletcher, Phaedra Howard, Darshit Mody, Ayushi Vyas, and Hugh Eng slides
  9. Mouse Movement Authentication for Multiple-Choice Tests Andrew Manuele, Deepti Dambal, Jaikishin Satpal, Melissa Lofton, Swapnil Tandel, and Michael Sidaras-Tirrito slides
  10. A Greedy Approach for Assignment of Student Groups to Projects Monali Joshi and Jigar Jadav slides
  11. The Effect of Data Security Perception on Wearable Device Acceptance: A Technology Acceptance Model Abigail DuFour, Kelly Lajeunesse, Rushabh Pipada, Shijian Xu, and Julia Nomee slides
  12. Automated Team Assignment System using Greedy Algorithm for Efficient Student Group Formation Jimmy Patel and Md M H K Mujahedi slides
  13. Increasing Accuracy Rate of Behavioural Biometrics for User Authentication on Android-Based Smartphones Javid Maghsoudi and Charles C. Tappert slides
  4:45: Concluding Remarks
             Dr. Charles Tappert, Director, Doctor of Professional Studies (DPS) in Computing