The Michael L. Gargano
   16th Annual Research Day

Friday, May 4th, 2018
Sponsored by: Office of the Dean
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  8:45am: Arrival/Light Breakfast, Gottesman Room, Student Union, Pleasantville

  9:00-9:05: Welcome and Introduction
             Dr. Jonathan Hill, Dean, Seidenberg School of CSIS

  9:05-9:30: Richard Feynman  Dr. Charles Tappert

The presentation sessions cover topics in various areas of computing. Full Conference Prodeedings. Below are links to each paper, presentation slides if received from the presenters, and paper presenters shown in bold.

  9:30-10:45: Paper Session 1   Topic: Quantum Computing
             Session Chair: Dr. Ron Frank, CSIS
  1. Visualizing Qubit Entanglement Ronald I. Frank slides
  2. Dissecting a Quantum Program Daniel Evans slides
  3. Quantum Deep Learning Neural Network Abu Kamruzzaman, Yousef Alhwaiti, Avery Leider, and Charles C. Tappert slides
  4. Student User Experience with the IBM QISKit Quantum Computing Interface Stephan Barabasi, James Barrera, Prashant Bhalani, Preeti Dalvi, Ryan Kimiecik, Avery Leider, John Mondrosch, Karl Peterson, Nimish Sawant, and Charles C. Tappert slides
  5. Teaching Quantum Computing Lewis Westfall and Avery Leider slides
  6. How to Compensate for Traffic Congestions in Big Cities by Optimizing the Path Vehicles Take Istvan Barabasi slides
10:45-11:00: Short Break
11:00-12:30: Paper Session 2   Topic: Mobile Applications and Internet of Things
             Session Chair: Stephan Barabasi, DPS 2019
  1. Nutrition Awareness in Geriatric Population Rony Alvarez, James Barrera, Kulbir Kaur, Michele Mezzina, Mayur Tolani, Jeannette Beasley, Joshua Chodosh, Jean F. Coppola, Lin Drury, Danielle Vargas, and Sharon Wexler slides
  2. NuSwipe -- Creating Nutrition Awareness in the Elderly through an Interactive Game App George Samuels, Christopher Robbins, Shoaib Ahamed, Robert Abel, and Tony Patteril slides
  3. Web Application for Environmental Sensing Siddhesh Andari, Mark Caruso, Matt Ganis, Christopher B. Robbins, Christion Whit, and AJ Zada slides
  4. Web Application for Environmental Sensing: Monitoring and Analyzing Water Temperatures Mark Caruso, Joseph A. Hassan, Leanne Denise Keeley, Sheetal Vasant Nikam, and AJ Zada slides
  5. Biometric Wearable Evaluation Thomas Lahoud, Chao Peng, Kari Bouma, Chaitanya Potnis and Akshit Shah, and Charles C. Tappert slides
  6. Applying Data Analytics to Big Data Obtained from Wearable Devices Cindy Rodriguez, Andrew Barrow, Shalwak Dangore, Ujwal Pathak, and Joseph Talledo slides
  7. Capturing Smartphone Data to Evaluate Risk Factors for Cerebrovascular Accidents Ryan Kimiecik, Martin O’Hanlon, and Julio Gavino slides
  8. How Blockchain and AI accelerate the application of IoT technology to keep drivers’ safe on the road Hjalmar Delaude, Jamente Cooper, Sivakumar Pillai, and Istvan Barabasi slides
12:30-1:30: Lunch, Room 208

  1:30-3:00: Paper Session 3   Big Data and Machine Learning
             Session Chair: LTC Avery Leider, PhD 2019
  1. A Comparative Study of Convolutional Neural Network Models with Rosenblatt’s Brain Model Abu Kamruzzaman, Atik Khatri, Damiano Mastrandrea, Milind Ikke, Poorva Shelke, Yousef Alhwaiti, and Charles C. Tappert slides
  2. Emotion Recognition using Unsupervised and Supervised Learning and Simulate Emotions with Brain Model Sukun Li, Abu Kamruzzaman, Yousef Salamah Alhwaiti, Peiyi Shen, and Charles C. Tappert slides
  3. A Deep Learning Model for Long-term Declarative Episodic Memory Storage Abu Kamruzzaman, Teresa Brooks, Karan Thakkar, Aditi Markale, Shreya Rajwade, Shoaib Ahamed, Yousef Alhwaiti, and Charles C. Tappert slides
  4. A Machine Learning Approach to Confirm and Reduce False Positive Alarms Generated by Data Leak Detection Processes Pedro R. Vasseur slides
  5. Generating a Cybersecurity Thesaurus Based On Tweets Vincent Fiore, Sukhjinder Nahal, Dmitry Matyunin, Emma Padilla, Jaikishin Satpal, and Andreea Cotoranu slides
  6. Analyzing Expert Cybersecurity Twitter Accounts by Using Thesaurus Methods for Text Analytics Qianwen Chen, Shruti Bakare, Aditee Verma, Christopher Casasanta, Christian White, Andreea Cotoranu, and Avery Leider slides
  7. A Weather Prediction Model with Big Data Ning Yang, Lewis Westfall, and Preeti Dalvi slides
  8. Comparing TensorFlow Deep Learning Performance and Experiences Using CPUs via Local PCs and Cloud Solutions Kathleen A. Brush, Zachary Dall, Rodger Hughes, and Rob Nardelli slides
  9. Advanced Metering Infrastructure Smart Meter Big Data Analytics for Time Series of Electricity Consumption Mohammad Harun Rashid slides
  10. User Recognition Using EEG Signals Sukun Li, Sung-Hyuk Cha, and Haitao Luo slides
  3:00-3:15: Short Break
  3:15-4:45: Paper Session 4   Topic: Miscellaneous Topics in Computer Science and Information Technology
             Session Chair: Ion C. Freeman, DPS 2020
  1. Station Assignment with Reallocation Austin Halper, Miguel A. Mosteiro, Yulia Rossikova, and Prudence W. H. Wong slides
  2. Low Latency Query Responses over Heterogeneous Data Systems Manoj Muniswamaiah, Tilak Agerwala, and Charles C. Tappert slides
  3. Enterprise Applications Data Access Models and Performance Taxonomy with Experimental Validation Yoab Gorfu and Lixin Tao slides
  4. Development of a Student Work-Hour Verification Database for the Pace University Center for Community Action and Research Tatiana Lemon, Qianwen Chen, Attila Papp and Kendall Stevenson Sr., Heather Novak, and Daniel Botting slides
  5. Pace University DPS in Computing Studies: A Categorization of Applied Industry Research Lisa R. Ellrodt, Ion C. Freeman, Ashley J. Haigler, Lynne E. Larkin, Suzanna E. Schmeelk, and Ronald G. Williams slides
  6. A Proposed Dynamic Security Operations Center Management Framework for Reducing Task Disengagement Davis F. Mirilla, Charles C. Tappert, Ronald I. Frank, and Lixin Tao slides
  7. Cyber Intelligence Monica Himberger and Grarholla Duval slides
  8. Music Technology and Subculture Hakeem Watson slides
  9. Net Neutrality: Beginning of the End Avinash Ramkumar slides
  10. Voice-Activated Home Assistant Technology Christian Vargas slides
  4:45: Concluding Remarks
             Dr. Charles Tappert, Director, Doctor of Professional Studies (DPS) in Computing