SE735 - Data and Document Representation & Processing

Spring 2013

 Dr. Francis T. Marchese

Office: 163 William Street, 2nd Flr.

Office Hours:

T: 3:00 -- 5:30 PM

Th: 3:00 -- 5:30 PM


Tel. 212 346 - 1803




Course Description

This course introduces the discipline of Document Engineering: specification design, and deployment of electronic documents that enable document-centric applications. These applications include web services, information supply chains, single-source publishing, composite applications/virtual enterprises/portals, etc.

Course topics include:

         developing requirements

         analyzing existing documents and information sources

         conceptual modeling

         identifying reusable semantic components

         modeling business processes and user interactions

         applying patterns to make models more robust

         representing models using XML schemas

         using XML models to implement and drive applications.


Course Materials:

Required Text:

Robert J. Glushko and Tim McGrath, Document Engineering: Analyzing and Designing Documents for Business Informatics and Web Services, MIT Press, 2005.

Suggested XML books for this course that will be used for XML lectures:

S. Holzner, Sams Teach yourself XML in 21 Days, 3rd edition, 2004.

C. Bates, XML in Theory and Practice, Wiley, 2003.


Student Requirements:


Student projects will focus on designing and building applications demonstrating course principles.


Exams and Final Grades:

Grades will be based exams and software products produced and class presentations.