Art, Science, and Representation

Modeling Form and Process

History of Modeling

(Paleolithic cave paintings from southern France and northern Spain.)

(Lascaux, France)

Edward Wachtel

Wachtel’s Answer - Artists wished to include time and motion into their creations.

Ibex with two heads

Mammoth with multiple trunks.

Visual effects may explain how our hunter ancestors used the caves.

Were caves the first recorded instance of a simulator?

Geometry and Representation

Fra Luca Pacioli - by artist Jacopo dé Barbari.

Painting’s significance:

Reorientating visual thought before Pacioli.

15th Century Florence:

Fragmented visual space of Medieval art transformed into the single plane viewer centric visual space that dominated Western art for the next five centuries until cubism in the first quarter of the twentieth century.

Impact of geometry in Renaissance science and art:

The Flagellation of Christ - Piero della Francesca (c. 1415-1492).

The Flagellation

Strong architectural perspective used to create large spaces.

Soft architectural perspective subjugates space to content.

Fusing architecture with a painting’s virtual space.

Andrea Mantegna

·  Ceiling Oculus, 1471-74

·  Fresco, diameter: 270 cm

·  Camera degli Sposi, Ducal Palace, Mantua

Palazzo del Te (Mantova) Giulio Romano – Hall of the Giants

Williams College QT VR

Contemporary Art – Thinking out of Box

Rachael Whiteread – House (1993).

Response to House

In the end:

Maya Lin – Vietnam Veterans Memorial (1982)

Jim Mason – G7 Stock Puppets

musicBottles - Tangible Media Group, MIT

VisiphoneSociable Media Group, MIT

Text Rain – Camille Utterback, NYU

Eunmi Yang – Poem Vacuum Cleaner, Seoul


KageMotoshi Chikamori, Kyoko Kunoh

Wooden Mirror Daniel Rozin, NYU

The Dreaming Pillow – Armella Leung and Olliver Oswald

Takahiro Matsuo Phantasm

Optical Tone – Tsutomu Mutoh


Bellows: Bringing Digital Animation into the Physical World - Eric Dyer

Art installation and cinema project that uses an animation process that combines the concept of the zoetrope, a pre-cinema optical toy, with rapid-prototype 3-D printing and fast-shutter digital video.

Zoetope Description

Pixar Zoetrope at MOMA