CS616 Sample Projects

Book Of Changes

Book Of Changes is a web application which presents an electronic version of existing book  < "I CHING Made Easy" >  written by Roderick and Amy Max Sorrell  with interactive game element and implements original graphics. This application also provides some extensions for user personalization as a result of his/her psychological testing and analysis.  

This application is totally experimental and can be used for entertainment, personal growth and curiosity.



CutePaint is a drawing tool used to create simple drawings just like Microsoft Paint. It allows user to paint various types of shapes including cycles, polygons, and “free-hands”, meaning any shape you wanted.


Just-In-Time Hotel Reservation System

Just-In-Time Hotel Reservations is a broker of discount hotel rooms. We sell accommodations for business and pleasure travelers at short notice, helping hotels to fill rooms that would otherwise be left empty. We take bookings only within 48 hours of the start of room occupancy. Currently, Just-In-Time Hotel Reservations sells the rooms over the phone using a team of customer service representatives (CSRs).


(mail)n is an email program designed to house all the email received by an organization and its users in a form that is easily searchable, expansive, and permanent.


Room Scheduler

Room Scheduler is a web-based, interactive scheduling tool used to view room reservations as well as to reserve a room for a period of time. Each request is recorded into a database and the confirmation is sent via e-mail to the requestor; the manager is carbon copied on it as well.



PalmGrocer is an electronic cookbook for any Palm user who wants to manage recipes and generate grocery lists. It is conceived as a simple, convenient tool for anyone who uses recipes and buys groceries. It is intended for use on the Palm hand-held device. The system is a “productivity tool” that attempts to mimic a recipe binder with very little deviation while enhancing it with automated features. As such, the user interface should be simple and straightforward. The system is conceived as a relatively low cost package, meant for the casual Palm user.



TransitVend is an application that focuses on small business with operating budget constraints. It is an application in small vending machine and monitor sales of transit tickets. It allows users to interface with the application and complete a sale without any human intervention. The goal is to distribute it to as many delis, stores and portal vending machines as possible. Also, because of the cost of the application, it allows owners to recover the cost of the application quickly and see increase of sales without having hire additional staff.



ConferenCenter is a specialized conference center management tool aimed towards the firms and schools that need to manage conference and class rooms. This desktop tool helps in the scheduling of rooms and other resources that are needed during meetings, conferences and classes held in schools and conference centers.



MIRA (Mortgage, Investment, and Retirement Advisor) is a financial advisor application which utilizes a collection of useful financial tools and calculations aimed towards the average home user. The mortgage module helps the end-user to calculate mortgage payments, the principal amount one can borrow, the interest rate, and the period over which one can payback his mortgage. The investment module allows the end-user to calculate how much investments will be worth in the future. The retirement module is designed to help the end-user to determine the time and savings required to get to the point where investments are sufficient to support the retirement income that a user contributed.


Digital News Reader

The basic purpose of the project “Digital News Reader” is to help the students; researchers to view the articles while offline. It is a desktop application which allows users to view summaries of the content of selected sites without having to “surf” to each destination. Users will utilize RSS feeds to preview content from their desired sites, download selected articles so they can be read at that time, or saved and read off-line.


Library Management System

This project is designed for library to manage its book system. This system has four modules, which are user management, check-out management, check-in management and book information management.