CS835 - Data and Document Representation & Processing

Lecture 11 - Readings


RMC: A Tool To Design WWW Applications http://www.w3j.com/1/isakowitz.187/paper/187.html

Tools and Approaches for Developing Data-Intensive

Web Applications: a Survey Tools and Approaches for Developing Data-Intensive PDF

Developing Web Applications from Conceptual Models        PDF

Rspa’s web page http://www.rspa.com/reflib/DesignWebApps.html#patterns

A survey of Hypermedia design methods in the context of World Wide Web design  PDF



Systematic Hypermedia Application Design with OOHDM http://www-di.inf.puc-rio.br/schwabe/HT96WWW/section1.html

Abstraction, Composition and Lay-Out Definition Mechanisms in OOHDM http://www.cs.uic.edu/~ifc/mmwsproc/schwabe/MainPage.html

OOHDM-WEB: Rapid Prototyping of Hypermedia Applications in the WWW         PDF