CS835 - Data and Document Representation & Processing

Lecture 5 - Readings


Hypermedia III – Navigation and Synchronization


Scripted Documents: A Hypermedia Path Mechanism            PDF

A Focus+Context Technique Based on Hyperbolic Geometry for Visualizing Large Hierarchies.     PDF

Hypertext Paths and the World-Wide Web: Experiences with Walden’s Paths          PDF

A Metro Map Metaphor for Guided Tours on the Web: the Webvise Guided Tour System http://www10.org/cdrom/papers/511/   PDF

Guided Tours and Tabletops: Tools for Communicating in a Hypertext Environment            PDF

Context and Orientation in Hypermedia Networks      PDF



Hypermedia: The Link with Time       PDF

The “HyTime” Hypermedia/Time-Based Document Structuring Language     PDF