Sample Software Engineering Projects


Quick Shopper

Quick Shopper is software that allows people to do their shopping over the Internet. Customers are allowed to select items from the store list, move them to the virtual cart and check out, paying for everything by their credit card.



BooksUnlimited is an e-commerce software system designed to automate book store sales.


Faculty Information System

Faculty Information System is a web-based database application wherein all the information regarding the Faculty can be input, modified, stored, and retrieved.



CS615-Chatroom provides a place for people to express their feelings and communicate with others. People will participate in virtual conversations, join an existing chatting session, or create a new session to invite others to join.


Music Axis

Music Axis will provide a way for customers to make their own VCDs by choosing from a list on a website and sending the information for their order to be filled. There will be options for deleting, editing, adding, and displaying llists of songs and VCDs.


Registration System

Registration System is a browser-based tool that provides functionalities for administrators and students regarding class registration.It will provide a uniform user-friendly interface to the registration process.


Restaurant Blitz

Restaurant Blitz is software that will be utilized within a restaurant to speed ordering system and provide a high tech atmosphere .


The Talent Repository

The Talent Repository is a web based application which provides information about Producers, Actors, and Administrative staff for the Production Department of movie studios such as MGM, New-Line Cinema, and Disney.


Online Bidding System

Online Bidding System will be a web-based software system written in .Net and ASP to aid customers bid the products.


Pace Navigation

The purpose of this product is to give studentís directions to the classroom from any point with in the building.


Payroll Management System

Web based Payroll management system that can be used by any organization to manage their Payrolls.



Fitzone provides the ease of selecting the best-fitted clothing for our individual customers.The service offers the best size estimation on clothing according to the information that is given by shoppers.


iPhone RSS Feed Reader

The goal of the "iPhone RSS Feed Reader" is to provide the latest news and updates to the user, all in one place, all using their iPhone.


Movie Mash

A web based application that consolidates information about movies from various searches, using the following search criteria; actors and titles.


On-line File Storage

An online file storage and retrieval system that will be accessible from any computer with internet access.


Project Pets

A community portal for pet lovers to come together and exchange information and ideas.


Collectorís Tracking System

A Web application for cataloguing and appraisal of collectibles for which values are strictly defined.


Digital NYC Subway Map

Create an interactive map that will allow users to view important landmarks and locations around each subway stop, within a 5 block radius.


eDesk Assets Management and Support Services

eDesk is a web based application to provide online assets management and support services for helpdesk team and end users.