SE 675 Requirements Engineering (Dr. F.T. Marchese)

Case Study: Assessing Customer Needs: The Digital Home Case Study


Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this module students will have increased ability to:

1.    Analyze a customer need statement and the initial set of requirements for a system.

2.    Acquire additional information from a customer about his/her needs.

3.    Work more effectively as part of a team.



Customer Needs, Requirements


Exercise Description


Case Study Artifacts:

1.    DH Customer Need Statement

2.    DH High Level Requirements Definition (HLRD)

3.    DH Background Scenario

4.    DH Team Biographical Sketches

5.    DH Launch Scenario


Case Study Participants:

         The DH Team

         A representative from the HomeOwner Marketing Division :


Work in Groups of 3