Adaptable Process Model
Software Engineering Checklists

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These checklists may be useful as you assess the quality of software engineering work products and the software process.

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Risk Assessment

Customers have different needs. Some know what they want; others know what they don't want. Some customers are willing to sweat the details, while others are satisfied with a vague promises. Customers have different personalities. Some enjoy being customers–the tension, the negotiation, the psychological rewards of a good product. Others would prefer not to be customers at all. Some will happily accept almost anything that is delivered and make the very best of a poor product. Others will complain bitterly when quality is lacking; some will show their appreciation when quality is good; a few will complain no matter what. Customers also have varied associations with their suppliers. Some know the product and producer well; others may be faceless, communicating with the producer only by written correspondence and a few hurried telephone calls. Customers are often contradictory. They want everything yesterday for free. Often, the producer is caught among the customers' own contradictions.