12 Fold way of Combinatorics

Method Summary
static java.math.BigInteger choose(int n, int k)
          computes the binomial coefficient using the dynamic programming on the Pascal's triangle.
static java.math.BigInteger fact(int n)
          computes the n factorial function.
static java.math.BigInteger intpart(int n, int k)
          computes the any integer partition coefficient.
static java.math.BigInteger permute(int n, int k)
          computes the k permutation.
static java.math.BigInteger power(int a, int n)
          computes the power a^n.
static java.math.BigInteger Spart(int n, int k)
          computes the surjective Set partition coefficient (Stering number of second kind).
static java.math.BigInteger Spart0(int n, int k)
          computes the any Set partition coefficient sum of S(n,i) where i = 1~k.