CS 860 Artificial Intelligence


  • Instructor: Prof. Sung-Hyuk Cha
  • Course Webpage: http://www.csis.pace.edu/~scha/DCS860
  • Description:
    You will choose two or three papers from the artificial intelligence research community. You will not only summarize and review each paper, but also will compare and contrast each paper with the others. Thus, the collection of papers must address a common theme, so that they can be adequately compared. If you are having difficulty choosing a set of papers, I will work with you to define a theme and select the papers. If your background is other fields, you may include one paper addressing your field, but you must still relate the paper to the remaining AI papers. I suggest to search the keywords (your field keyword and artificial intelligence related keywords such as neural network, decision tree, fuzzy, etc.) You must submit a written report at the end of the semester. Students should attempt to show how the project is related to their potenital dissertation topics.

    Note that Matlab is not required. I assigned the matlab code for those who would like to utilize the matlab toolboxes. You may choose any tool you are familiar with.

    All students do individual AI related project.
    For 3 credit students:
    submit minimum 5 page report including the minimum 3 references.
    For 2 credit students:
    submit minimum 3 page short summary report including the minimum 2 references.