DCS 861B Data Mining

  • Instructor: Prof. Sung-Hyuk Cha

  • Meeting:
    • Time: Saturday 1:20 pm - 04:20 pm Summer 2016
    • Place: MILLR M38

  • Textbook: Handouts will be distributed.

  • Course Goal:
    Topics of current interests to students. Cutting edge issues and emerging information technology areas are explored. Students register for two or three topics per semester. A major goal for these courses is to understand the technological life cycle of emerging information technologies, their issues, and potential impact. Visiting experts in computing and IT discuss their current research and development activities.

  • Project: for description, click here.

  • Schedule:

    Meeting 1
    May 21
    Intro & Decision Trees & Association Rules
    Meeting 2
    June 11
    Clustering: K-means & Hierarchical clustering
    Meeting 3
    July 9
    Proximity Measures
    Meeting 4
    August 6

  • Evaluation:
    • Project (50%): Presentation and Report required.
    • Homework (30%): There will be three weekly homeworks based on previous lecture materials and reading assignments.
    • Attendance and participation (20%):