Chapter 3 - Practical exercises

1. Describe the main feature of each of generic software processes models. Describe their advantages and their disadvantages.

2. Consider the last time your worked on a project.
- What project was it (2 lines)?
- What software process model did you follow? Why?

3. Exercise 3.1

4. Exercise 3.2

5. What are the main activities of the software process?

6. What is a CASE tool?

7. Describe a non standard CASE tool you used and the situation where you used it.

8. Describe what is extreme programming. Give a reference. References:

9. Look at some formal specification languages:
Method B - reference:
CASTL - reference:
What do formal specifications and formal methods in general provide in the software engineering?

10. What is CVS? Reference:

11. Microsoft, software engineering, formal methods
To read: paper number 151
Yuri Gurevich Logician in the land of OS: Abstract State Machines at Microsoft Sixteenth Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science IEEE Computer Society, 2001, 129-136.
What do you think after reading this paper

12. To read: Do software engineers need mathematics?