I'd like to take this opportunity to say a word of thanks to several people who have been of tremendous assistance to me during the time I spent at Baruch College, and without whom my stay at this school would have been difficult, if not impossible.

To Lucy Garnett - who taught me my first class at the school: You were always a beacon of academic excellence, and I will always cherish the example you set.

To Al Croker - who taught me my last class: Thank you for giving me the "Keyes" to a world where the only limit is what you fear to do.

To Bill Ferns: But for your insistence, my SA&D project could have been a truly SAD project. I owe you for the discipline I managed to inculcate while working with the Salamanders.

To Diane Jordan - who never taught me, but …: If I could be half as knowledgeable and half as driven as you are, I would be twice the person I am now. Thanks a million.

To "Professa Dessa" and "Professa Marva": You came into my life late; but I will forever thank the fates that you came. Thank you for the advice and the example. God knows you make me want to do things I didn't think I had the energy left to do. If there's ever anything you need … Reach out!! I'll be there.

Finally to Jennifer Dawn Elizabeth: Once and only once in a lifetime two ships which should have passed in the night, collide. Could it have been the hand of God? Or the random happenstance to which we choose to ascribe those things which we do not, cannot or refuse to understand? Whatever it is , I am happy about the accident that threw me your way. I cannot enumerate what you have given me, shown me or taught me. But I do know that the circle would have remained broken had we not met.

Gratitude, it is said, is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind. I will always be grateful to you.

As I had occasion to say to you once before: Pax domino sit semper vobiscum…

And so it goes…


Louis L. London

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