Concordia University, Montreal

1993/94 Academic Advisor

Experience: Provided guidance, counselling and curricular advice to undergraduate students


1987/93 Lecturer - Introduction to Management Information Systems

Experience: Taught introductory concepts of information systems and business software.


1984,1985 Research Assistant

Experience: Evaluating software packages and writing mini-user guides for the purpose of integration into coursework; offering training on these software to the Department of Accountancy; conducting library searches for Associate Professor in Department of Quantitative Methods, in particular in the area of Artificial Intelligence.

Reader's Digest, Montreal

Supervisor - Magazine Statistics - (staff of 5)
English Circulation Analyst

Experience : Liasing with various levels of management, in particular Marketing Product Manager, as well as other departments in and outside of the Company; overseeing all functions with aim to increasing accuracy and being responsive to management needs; hiring, training and developing staff; evaluating and reviewing work performance; proposing salary recommendations; maintaining work standards; ensuring timely and accurate completion of all mailing results, tests, print orders, circulation audit statements, planning meeting preparations, forecasts, (which include revenue, circulation, promotion pieces to mail, promotion pieces coming in and leaving the house); setting and guiding special projects for analysts; making recommendations for and implementing computerized programs to improve manual operations.

Abitibi Paper, Toronto

Accountant Trainee

Experience : Preparing monthly statements on costs of newsprint operations; preparing statistical industry reports to Canadian Pulp and Paper Association on production and shipment of newsprint, monthly and annually; preparing exhibits of wood consumption/cost for monthly financial statements; liasing with mills on matters of timing and preparation of cost reports; assisting in prepara-tion of Basic Operating Budget Data; analysing costs.

Ministry of Health, Kingston, Jamaica

Supervisor - Statistics - (staff of 15)

Experience : Overseeing all acquisition and processing of information on health practices.

Allergan, Inc., Montreal

Marketing Assistant

Experience : Analysing pricing surveys; preparing Marketing Plan for new product; graphic analyses of A.C. Neilson & IMS ratings; sensitivity analyses on market shares given competitors' actions; compara-tive analyses of Marketing Plans against competi-tion; compliance analyses; demographic trend analyses.

Montreal Neurological Hospital, Montreal

Office Clerk, Receptionist, Accounting Clerk

Experience : Sorting and forwarding doctors' and patients' mail; directing visitors; answering queries; preparing bank reconciliations, patients' accounts, trial balance, accounts receivables, payroll summary distributions, disbursement vouchers; compiling statistics, controlling income and general ledgers.


Lecturer in International MBA and Executive MBA programs at University of the West Indies, Institute of Business, Trinidad and Tobago, Summer 2003
Seminar Lecturer  in Multimedia to Doctorate in Professional Studies  Students, 2002 Invited Speaker - "An approach to interactive multimedia evaluation for end-users", First Annual Congress on The Impact of Technology Upon Learning, Wake Forest University - ICCEL, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, March 1-3, 1999.
Seminar in Information Management to Senior Aviation Managers, International Aviation Management Training Institute (IAMTI), Montreal, Canada, July 1990

Familiar with:
Business Software - Word, Excel, Access, HTML, Visio, Flash, Dreamweaver, Lotus 1-2-3, Framework, Super-calc-3, Wordperfect, Power-Pack, Magic, SMART;
Statistical Software - MacIntosh SAS JMP, Systat, Minitab, Merlin, Power Stat;
Expert System shell - M1;
Programming Languages - Basic; Visual Basic
Authoring Systems - WISE, ForceTen Computer Based Training Workbench, Authorware, Toolbook.

Workshops on:
Motivation, Selection Interviewing, Improving Employee Productivity, Appraisal by Objectives, Instructional Design.