Highlights at IAR

My career in computing began with a summer job at the Institute of Administrative Research (IAR) at Teachers College, Columbia University while I was completing my bachelor's degree. Upon graduation, I continued at the Institute while pursuing graduate studies at Stevens Institute of Technology.

Initially, I did Fortran and SNOBOL(!) programming on a IBM 7094 mainframe, and ran various statistical studies in support of the Institute's research program. As the years passed, my role slowly broadened to include educational research design, databank administration, in-house statistical consulting, and a year as Executive Secretary of a national field-based research program.

In the course of my stay there, I worked closely with about thirty doctoral students in helping them perform statistical data analysis activities in connection with their dissertations. After completing my master's at Stevens, I was invited to become a doctoral student as well. I was awarded a U.S. Office of Education Fellowship which paid all tuition and fees, and also provided a welcome stipend.

It was in these years that I developed professional attitudes toward my work, and began to see myself as pursuing a career as opposed to having a job. I was in the right place at the right time and did my best to take full advantage of it. I will be forever grateful to Teachers College and the Institute for their contribution to my professional and personal development.