Highlights at IBM-ISEF

IBM has been famous throughout its history for its emphasis on training and education for its employees, and so has created and operated many educational facilities dedicated to internal education over the years.

One such educational site was the Information Systems Education Facility located in Irving, Texas. It offered over a hundred courses ranging from entry-level programming, database management systems, telecommunications, and computer operations. Most dealt with IBM special products and services, but some were sufficiently generic in nature as to parallel college courses.

The idea that some of these courses might be modified a little so that they could be credit-bearing led to an agreement between IBM and Pace University to create a Visiting Professorship to implement what became to be known as the ISEF/Pace Educational Program.

It was a notable year for the Varden family, as well as providing me with an excellent professional experience that I have applied to my teaching in many ways since the completion of my year there. I also appreciate having an opportunity to see and be part of the "old" IBM when it still reigned supreme in the computer industry.

Listed below are selected highlights of my years with IBM-ISEF: