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Connecting to VMware Horizon View

What is VMware View or VMware Horizon?

VMware Horizon (formerly VMware View and VMware Horizon View) is a technology that allows us to present a remote desktop, with all of the software needed for your course, to students and faculty at any time of the day, from any location – on or off campus.

IMPORTANT: Connecting from Off-Campus

Users who are located off-campus must first get on the Pace network. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use the Pace VPN, located at For a tutorial on connecting to the VPN, please see: How to connect to the Pace VPN

Connecting to Horizon Desktops

To connect to a Horizon Desktop, you will need to download the VMware Horizon Client. The client is availible for PC, Mac and Linux users. The client allows you to connect and authenticate to a Horizon server, then select the desktop you would like to use.

The latest clients are available at VMware’s site.

Installing and Connecting

There is now a separate tutorial on how to connect to Horizon with a Windows client located at install-horizon.

Extra View Tips

The View client resembles the Microsoft Remote Desktop client in that it has a toolbar on the top. By default, the toolbar is pinned. If you need to access menus or buttons below the toolbar, you can click the thumbtack on the left. The View toolbar will disappear back into the top of the screen. If you would like it back, move your mouse to the top of the screen – the toolbar will come down again (you can pin it again with the thumbtack).

You can also minimize the View client by using the _ button on the right side of the toolbar. This allows you to do other work in the background.

When you are finished with the view client, you can either log off the desktop with the traditional Windows logoff button (click the start menu, it should be on the right of the start menu pane) – or you can click the X on the View toolbar.


What to do if something is wrong

Contact the Pace Helpdesk