A Monologue for King Arthur

An ubi sunt spoken by a resurrected King Arthur in the 20th century

Here I stand, resurrected after all these years. My knights have gone. My queen is gone. My advisor, friend and magician, Merlin, is gone. I feel the strength in my limbs, the power in my mind, and the passion with which I inspired my knights and sent them off to war to defend what was good and what was right. I feel the blood of chivalry still flow through my veins.

But the knights of the Round Table are gone.

Their once proud bodies are buried for ages. Their arrogance and pride are gone. Their battle-gear, swords, and shining armor, their hearty laughs and gallant strides, their passion and power in battle, will never be seen again. I can see them in my mind's eye and hear their battle-cries. We fought together side by side.

Where are the knights of this age? Where are those with the passion to fight? Where are those with the heart to defend what is good and what is right?

What of Merlin? Did he foresee this time? He who lived backwards, could he see only the past and not the future after his death?

I need to fight.

I need to find the good and the noble; I need to live by my code and lead once again. I need to be surrounded by strong and courageous men who will lay down their lives.

Where is Camelot and the ideals that Camelot represented? Is Chivalry dead? Or can I once again feel the passion of justice like fire in my veins?

If only Merlin had lived in this age, he would have already seen the future having lived it. He could have told me where to find the knights of this age, and if the ideals of Camelot will be restored. Here, standing alone, I have great fear.

But all I need to find is one hero.

Are there any more heroes?