"But your girdle, God love you! I gladly shall take
And be pleased to possess, not for the pure gold,               2430
Nor the bright belt itself, nor the beauteous pendants,
Nor for wealth, nor worldly state, nor workmanship fine,
But a sign of excess it shall seem oftentimes
When I ride in renown, and remember with shame
the faults and frailty of the flesh perverse,                  2435
How its tenderness entices the foul taint of sin;
And so when praised and high prowess have pleased my heart,
A look at this love-lace will lower my pride.
But one thing would I learn, if you were not loath,
Since you are lord of yonder land where I have long sojourned  2440
With honor in your house-may you have His reward
That upholds all the heavens, highest on throne!
How runs your right name?-and let the rest go."

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The above passage is from "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" in
The Norton Anthology of English Literature Volume one, page 252.