Joe Sera

  A freelance graphic artist, programmer and webpage designer who is currently 
attending Pace University. Joe has an associates degree in aircraft design from 
the College of Aeronautics in Queens.  He is an avid guitar player and uses his 
computer not only for web page publishing and graphics, but also for music 
composition.  Joe was born in Budapest, Hungary and now lives in 
Brooklyn. He is engaged and plans to be married in 2 years. The graphics and 
HTML were produced on a 25Mhz 68040 based Amiga 3000 with 34 Megs ram, 
Cybervision64, AmigaDOS 3.1 and CyberGFX 3.  The graphics were created using
Lightwave 4.0 and ImageFX 2.6. The HTML was created using CygnusED and Web