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A technology degree can really pay off. Our students consistently report high salaries and a high rate of job placement following graduation –96% of master’s degree holders are employed within a year after graduation.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect undergraduate degree to secure a powerful future or want to take your education and career to the next level, the programs and co-curricular learning and experiences at the Seidenberg School provide you with the knowledge and opportunities you need to excel.

These pages were designed to answer your questions about our programs, our school, and potential careers with respect to your unique situation. Click one of the buttons below to learn more about the program level you’re interested in.

A bachelor's degree with benefits

Is the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems at Pace University right for you? We offer a wealth of exciting classes, a strong and friendly community, and plentiful opportunities for practical experience right on campus, as well as access to many incredible job and internship opportunities.

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Create opportunities with a master's degree

A master's degree can be the difference that helps you get a big promotion, pass the interview, and move on to greater things. Even if you don't have any tech experience, our bridge program will allow you to catch up quickly and earn your master's degree on time.

Speaking of saving time — and money — the MS in Computer Science, MS in Information Systems, and MS in Enterprise Analytics all require only 30 credits to complete the degree. That makes keeping up with a job, internship, and social life alongside your studies much easier to manage.

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Grow your expertise with a doctoral degree

It takes great dedication to undertake a doctoral program, and at the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Education Systems we have similarly dedicated faculty who can provide you with the education and the environment in which to excel.

The PhD in Computer Science is ideal for those who are passionate about research and would like to work within academia after graduation.

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