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CS 396 - Introduction to Pattern Recognition
Description: Pattern Recognition techniques are useful in many applications of computer science and information systems, such as information retrieval, data mining, artificial intelligence and image processing. This course is an introduction to the foundation of pattern recognition algorithms.
Instructor: Dr. S. Cha

CS 619 - Data Mining
Description: This course will provide an overview of topics such as introduction to data mining and knowledge discovery; data mining with structured and unstructured data; foundations of pattern clustering; clustering paradigms; clustering for data mining; data mining using neural networks and genetic algorithms; fast discovery of association rules; applications of data mining to pattern classification; and feature selection. The goal of this course is to introduce students to current machine learning and related data mining methods. It is intended to provide enough background to allow students to apply machine learning and data mining techniques to learning problems in a variety of application areas.
Instructor: Dr. P. Benjamin

CS 627 - Artificial Intelligence
Description: Students will learn a number of search methods, including heuristic search, branch-and-bound, uniform-cost search, and A*. Various methods of knowledge representation are covered, and the student is given a broad knowledge of the fundamentals of a number of topics in AI, including neural networks, genetic algorithms, speech recognition and understanding, computer vision, and robotics.
Instructor: Dr. P. Benjamin

CS 630 - Intelligent Agents
Description: This course covers the basics of rule-based programming using Soar, including the design of problem spaces, the use of operators to solve problems, and universal subgoaling. Students write Soar agents for a simple Pacman-like video game and a simulated tank, and program basic subgoaling and chunking.
Instructor: Dr. P. Benjamin

CS 631 - Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
Description: This course introduces the student to computer vision algorithms, methods and concepts which will enable the student to implement computer vision systems with emphasis on visual pattern recognition. Upon successful completion of this course of study a student will have general knowledge of image analysis and processing, pattern recognition techniques, and some experience with research in computer vision.
Instructor: Dr. S. Cha

DCS 802 - Data Mining
Description: The basics of machine learning and data mining will be explored through class projects.
Instructor: Dr. S. Cha

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