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Video Clips

Video 1: The robot moves in its enclosure, rendering what it sees into the virtual world. It turns as it sees the walls, then sees a chair through the open door.

Video 2: What ADAPT constructs in its 3D world model as it executes the movement in the previous clip. It builds the virtual walls correponding to the real walls it sees, and the door it perceives, then recognizes a chair and adds it to the virtual world.

Video 3: A ball is rolled between two parallel boards. In the initial phase, the ball's position and velocity are captured. Then the virtual world is shown and the ball is rendered and its trajectory is predicted. Finally the rest of the ball's trajectory in the real world is shown then compared with the virtual world. The real and virtual video are slower than real time for easier viewing.

Video 4: A ball is bounced off two angled boards and then between two parallel boards. In the last portion, the virtual world is run a little faster than real time to show the predicted path.

Video 5: The ball is bounced off the angled boards a few more times. This is closer to real time.

Video of the RS component controlling a robot arm and camera to pick up an erratically moving small black block. The block is being manipulated by a human using a magnet under the table. The dynamic reactive abilities of RS are integrated with Soar's problem solving and learning abilities to form the core of ADAPT.

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Director: Dr. P. Benjamin