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*Information - Spring 2013

*Doctoral Students

I have been pleased to have been a part of the doctoral work of the following students, serving as their advisor and mentor. Each has earned the Doctor of Professional Studies degree.

*Recent Work

Number and the Nature of Mathematics

This book is for those beginning college and interested in mathematics. Or maybe you are a bit younger or older and interested in Math as a career. Please contact me if you would like to know more.

Number and the Nature of Mathematics

Forthcoming. It will be available at Amazon when ready: ISBN: 978-1-940113-07-4

Table of Contents


Polymorphism: As It Is Played

A book about how to program with Polymorphism in Object-Oriented languages like Java.

Polymorphism Book Cover

Available Now. Information about the book:

Polymorphism Companion

A book that extends and completes Polymorphism: As It Is Played

Companion Cover

Available Now: Information about the book:

Writing Patterns.

A small book about how to write software patterns.

WritingPatterns cover

Available in Print from Also for Kindle, and in ePub format for the iPad and Android devices.

Agile Software

I have recently finished a new book: Agile Software: Patterns of Practice

Agile Software

It is now available in print and ePub formats. Kindle format also available at Amazon. It combines two of my professional interests, namely Agile Software Development and Patterns.

You can learn more, including where to purchase it, at my personal/professional website: Some of the patterns can be seen at

Pedagogical Patterns

Yet another book gathers together the community's work on Pedagogical Patterns: Pedagogical Patterns: Advice For Educators

The book contains 85 patterns for educators and industrial trainers. It is now available from in kindle format. It can slso be found ePub format from the ITunes store. The Amazon page has most of the front matter available if you "look inside." The physical book is also available from CafePress. A slightly more compact print edition (with the same content) is available from

Table Of Contents for Pedagogical Patterns: Advice For Educators

From the book: Grade It Again, Sam, Anonymous Feedback, and Three Bears

Tai Chi For Life: Advice From A Novice

As some of you know I'm a long time practitioner of Tai Chi and now a teacher of beginners. I've created a book that helps a beginner understand a bit about the basics, though it is not an instruction manual.

Tai Chi book cover

It is available at as well as in the iTunes store.

Karel R Tuesday

There is also a new book in the Karel Series. It is available in Print and EBook formats.

Karel R Tuesday Cover

You can learn more on the Karel Ruby pages.

If you don't have a dedicated electronic reader device you can get an application for your computer.

*Course Related

*Papers and Work in Progress

Pedagogical Patterns | Elementary Patterns | Patterns Short Course | Language | STL | Java | Java & OO | Object Oriented Programming | Extreme Programming | C++ | Monty Karel, Karel++ & Karel J. Robot | Publishing your work| ITiCSE | Projects | Conferences | Workshops | Student Projects | Links | Motivation | Biographical | Google

The papers are in HTML, Adobe Acrobat, or ASCII text format.

Pedagogical Patterns (Patterns Intended for Educators) -- Project Home Page

Elementary Patterns (Patterns Intended for Novices) -- Project Home Page

A Course in Patterns (focusing on Pedagogical Patterns and Elementary Patterns)

Languages and Data Structures

Standard Template Library Related

Java Related

Java, Object-Orientation, and Design Patterns -- Examples and Commentary

Object Oriented Programming

Extreme Programming (XP) and Agile Methodologies

C++ Related

Monty Karel, Karel J. Robot, and Karel++

Publishing Your Work on the Web

ITiCSE (Innovation & Technology in Computer Science Education) Working Groups (Home Page)

Collaborative Projects to Which I've Contributed

Conferences On Whose Committees I Serve (or did)

Workshops and Other Interesting Things

Project Suggestions (Interesting and useful things to do).


*Links and Resources


*What Motivates You? What Is Important?

*Background / Biography

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I would like to thank the many people who have helped me build this site. Many of them are mentioned in the various documents here. In particular, I'd like to thank my many students who have helpled me improve the materials here. I'd also like to thank Anna Armentrout, a former student, for the nice icon at the top of this page.

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