Karel J Robot Errata

There are a few errors in the printed text:

Last Updated: December 2, 2007

Page 11, Figure 2.3: The figure is not consistent with the text that follows. It will be changed by moving the beeper and robot one street south in each part of the figure.

Page 79, line -2: "Public" should be "public"

Page 87, line 1: lisa should be delcared StrategyLayer, not BeeperLayer

Page 99, line -7. Should be
     public interface Controller

Page 168. The figure is incorrect (incomplete). Here is the correct figure:


Page 172. The first exercise on the page should be numbered 9, not 8. The solutions guide has the correct numbering.

Page 175. The exercise should be numbered 14.

(Negative line numbers are counted from the bottom of the page.)