Additional Materials


These were produced by others. I'm linking to them here with permission. If you have Karel J. Robot resources that you would like to see used by others, I may be able to post pointers to them from here. In some cases, I may also be able to host them (or mirror them) here.


Dave Wittry (Troy HS, Fullerton, CA) has, among other things, instructions about how to use Karel J. Robot with BlueJ. He has a lot of materials for anyone teaching AP computer science or an introductory course in Java. If you use Codewarrior, he can probably help you there, too, but has removed this material from his site. He used to have KJR stationery.

Mike Goldweber (Xavier University) runs a Karel J. Robot Programming contest for his students. You might want to think of doing something similar yourself. He says he gets very interesting submissions.

Karel J Robot is smarter than I thought. It can now Calculate PI. Thanks to Dan Eliot of Azusa Pacific University and El Dorado High School for providing this neat project for students.

The Melbourne PC User Group has a web site and a printed magazine. Karel J. Robot appears on the cover of their October 2003 issue with one article now and more to come.

Many of their articles are online including this one. See

Last updated: June 30, 2004