Your job will be to deliver a picture of an object specified by your customers on a schedule you and they determine. This is a cyclic process and there will be several planning cycles, each followed by a development cycle.

On the planning cycle the customers will specify a feature of the object to be drawn by describing that feature on a 3 by 5 card. You will be give a set of these cards and you are to write a time estimate on the card for how long you think it will take your team to deliver (draw) that feature in a following development cycle. These times are ideal project times assuming that there are no interruptions and everyone can work at full speed.

The estimated cards are given back to the customers who will choose a set for development.

If you can't estimate a card you can give it an infinite time estimate or ask for clarification or ask to have the feature split into smaller features easier to estimate.

You can also provide prototypes (sketches) to be sure you understand what the customer wants.

The customers (not you) specify features. You are to build only what they ask for.

Also in the planning cycle you need to determine how fast you can work. The development time will be given to you, but you will probably want to promise only a portion of that as effective development time. Give this time to the customers. If you say 8 minutes for example, you will still have the full 10 minutes of development time. The extra is what you think you may need for prototyping, planning, meetings, etc.

You will be given back a set of cards (features) with a total time up to, but not exceeding, the effective time you choose. This will be your development (drawing) task in the development cycle.

On the development cycle you choose one of the cards you have been given and draw that feature, followed by another… until either you finish or run out of time.

Check that your customers agree that you have built what they wanted.

If you run out of time before finishing, the remaining cards go back to the customers for the next planning cycle.

If you finish early you can go back to the customers for more work up to the remaining time in the development cycle.

Note that at any time you may be given additional feature cards for estimating. Write a time estimate on these as usual, but they are for development in a future cycle.