Learning the Planning Game

Joe Bergin

Initial Story Writing (10 minutes)
	Customers decide what they want and begin to develop feature cards--one 
	feature per card. Keep the developers informed. Give them the cards as 
	they are written
 	Developers self organize and discuss things with the customers. When you 
	get a card, estimate its time in ideal minutes/seconds. Give it back to

Planning (5 minutes)
	Developers announce your velocity for the next peroid.
	Customers choose the most desirable features up to a time limit determined and 
	announced by developers (velocity). 

Developing (10 minutes) 
	Developers draw features on the cards given above and consult with customers 
	as needed. 
	Customers develop new cards as desired. Give them to Developers for estimation.

Planning (5 minutes)
	Developers estimate new cards if any and decide on a new effective time. 
 	Customers choose new features as before.

Developing (10 minutes) 
	As above.

Planning (5 minutes)
 	As above.

Developing (10 minutes) 
	As above. 

Discussion by instructor and students (5 minutes) 

There is a write up about this exercise at: