SE 765 - Distributed Software Development (CRN 72499)

CS 610 - Introduction to Parallel and Distributed Computing (CRN 73937)


Assignment #5

To be emailed to me by 6PM, December 9th.


You are to write a paper discussing at least two research papers related to grid and cloud computing. Your paper should be approximately 500 words in length and contain references to all work that you discuss in your paper. This includes referencing any quotations that you use. A number of research papers have been provided here (PDF files) as possible sources for you work. You can select other papers if you wish, but they must be cleared with me.


Both the IEEE and ACM websites contain links to their journals and conference proceedings from which journal articles and papers from conference proceedings may be downloaded. They may be accessed from the Pace library website either on or off campus:





Suggested Topics:

Cloud Security:

Jianyong Chen, Yang Wang, and Xiaomin Wang. 2012. On-Demand Security Architecture for Cloud Computing. Computer 45, 7 (July 2012), 73-78. DOI=10.1109/MC.2012.120  PDF

Hassan Takabi, James B. D. Joshi, and Gail-Joon Ahn. 2010. Security and Privacy Challenges in Cloud Computing Environments. IEEE Security and Privacy 8, 6 (November 2010), 24-31. DOI=10.1109/MSP.2010.186        PDF

Kui Ren, Cong Wang, and Qian Wang. 2012. Security Challenges for the Public Cloud. IEEE Internet Computing 16, 1 (January 2012), 69-73. DOI=10.1109/MIC.2012.14   PDF

Dawn Song, Elaine Shi, Ian Fischer, and Umesh Shankar. 2012. Cloud Data Protection for the Masses. Computer 45, 1 (January 2012), 39-45. DOI=10.1109/MC.2012.1      PDF


Software Engineering

Stephen Yau and Ho An. 2011. Software Engineering Meets Services and Cloud Computing. Computer 44, 10 (October 2011), 47-53. DOI=10.1109/MC.2011.267 PDF

Sajid Ibrahim Hashmi, Viktor Clerc, Maryam Razavian, Christina Manteli, Damian Andrew Tamburri, Patricia Lago, Elisabetta Di Nitto, and Ita Richardson. 2011. Using the Cloud to Facilitate Global Software Development Challenges. In Proceedings of the 2011 IEEE Sixth International Conference on Global Software Engineering Workshop (ICGSE-W '11). IEEE Computer Society, Washington, DC, USA, 70-77. DOI=10.1109/ICGSE-W.2011.19    PDF

Radha Guha and David Al-Dabass. 2010. Impact of Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing Platform on Software Engineering. In Proceedings of the 2010 International Symposium on Electronic System Design (ISED '10). IEEE Computer Society, Washington, DC, USA, 213-218. DOI=10.1109/ISED.2010.48   PDF


Internet of Things

George F. Hurlburt, Jeffrey Voas, and Keith W. Miller. 2012. The Internet of Things: A Reality Check. IT Professional 14, 3 (May 2012), 56-59. DOI=10.1109/MITP.2012.60`        PDF

Tomás Sánchez López, Damith C. Ranasinghe, Mark Harrison, and Duncan Mcfarlane. 2012. Adding sense to the Internet of Things. Personal Ubiquitous Comput. 16, 3 (March 2012), 291-308. DOI=10.1007/s00779-011-0399-8       PDF

Pankesh Patel, Animesh Pathak, Thiago Teixeira, and Valérie Issarny. 2011. Towards application development for the internet of things. In Proceedings of the 8th Middleware Doctoral Symposium (MDS '11). ACM, New York, NY, USA, , Article 5 , 6 pages. DOI=10.1145/2093190.2093195    PDF


Green Cloud Computing

Andrew J. Younge, Gregor von Laszewski, Lizhe Wang, Sonia Lopez-Alarcon, and Warren Carithers. 2010. Efficient resource management for Cloud computing environments. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Green Computing (GREENCOMP '10). IEEE Computer Society, Washington, DC, USA, 357-364. DOI=10.1109/GREENCOMP.2010.5598294       PDF

Anne-Cecile Orgerie, Laurent Lefevre, and Jean-Patrick Gelas. 2010. Demystifying energy consumption in Grids and Clouds. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Green Computing (GREENCOMP '10). IEEE Computer Society, Washington, DC, USA, 335-342. DOI=10.1109/GREENCOMP.2010.5598295       PDF

Liang Liu, Hao Wang, Xue Liu, Xing Jin, Wen Bo He, Qing Bo Wang, and Ying Chen. 2009. GreenCloud: a new architecture for green data center. In Proceedings of the 6th international conference industry session on Autonomic computing and communications industry session (ICAC-INDST '09). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 29-38. DOI=10.1145/1555312.1555319    PDF