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Lists of Images

The Image Page

This page contains a number of images scanned in from postcards and various other sources.

DRAGON   Dragon from Microsoft Bookshelf
Geoffrey Chaucer's Protrait Geoffrey Chaucer, 1340 ? - 1400
From the National Portrait Gallery

The table below links to pages with images from various libraries and museums. The image at left is a sample of one of the images on the linked page.

The Unicorn Defends Himself Here is a collection of postcards from The Hunt of the Unicorn. The original tapestries are located in the Cloisters Museum, New York
Shoeing a Horse Here are two images from The Romance of Alexander, illustrated by Jehan de Grise.
August Here are several images from a Book of Hours.
Bel-Acueil Shows Lover the Rose The British Library
Occupations The Bodleian Library, Oxford
The Holy Family at Work The Pierpont Morgan Library
Portrait of a Man and Woman at a Casement The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Saint Martin Dividing his Cloak The National Gallery of Art, Washington
Picture of Stones Here are two pictures from England .
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