Sir Gawain

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One the greatest on ground in growth of his frame:

From broad neck to buttocks so bulky and thick,

And his loins and his legs so long and so great,

Half a giant on earth I hold him to be,

But believe him no less than the largest of men...

...And in guise all of green, the gear and the man:

A coat cut close, that clung to his sides,

And a mantle to match, made with a lining

Of furs cut and fitted--the fabric was noble,

Embellished all with ermine, and his hood besides,

That was loosed from his locks, and laid on his shoulders.

With trim hose and tight, the same tint of green,

His great calves were girt, and gold spurs under

He bore on silk bands that embellished his heels,

And footgear well-fashioned, for riding most fit.

...A beard big as a bush on his breast hangs,

That with his heavy hair, that from his head falls...

This is the description of the Green Knight, a green giant. We later find out that this Green Knight is actually Bercilak, the lord of the castle where Gawain faces his three tests. He has been tranformed into the Green Knight by Morgan, a goddess.