* BEOWULF Battles Under The Water *

Before beginning this encounter, the son of Healfdene is told by Beowulf that he will be placed in charge of the warriors if Beowulf does not return from this battle. Beowulf says, "The treasure you gave me, beloved Hrothgar, send to Hygelac. The lord of the Geats may know from the gold, the son of Hrethel may see when he looks on that wealth, that I found a ring-giver good in his gifts, enjoyed him while I might." This statement serves as Beowulf's request for the treasure given by Hrothgar to be sent to Hygelac. Also, Unferth lends his sword, Hrunting, to Beowulf to kill Grendel's mother. Beowulf leaves knowing that if he wins he will obtain glory, and if he loses, he will die. After making his commands, Beowulf dives into the water where he travels part of a day before he sees the bottom's floor.

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