* BEOWULF Battles Grendel's mother *

Once upon a time,

There were two horrible monsters that lived below the sea. One monster is called Grendel, and the other is his mother. Grendel haunts Heorot, the hall of the Scyldings, by slaying the warriors while they sleep. There is a great Danish warrior named Beowulf who hears about the Scyldings' troubles. Beowulf sets out with his men to offer King Hrothgar their aid. Beowulf and his men sleep in Heorot, and when Grendel comes to attack, Beowulf kills him by removing his arm. The slaying of Grendel makes his mother attack the warriors of Heorot once again to obtain wergild for the loss of her son. This attack forces Beowulf to pursue Grendel's mother. Here begins the story of the battle between Beowulf and Grendel's mother.

Beowulf goes into the water to find Grendel's mother.
First, he battles with strange creatures.
Next, he battles with Grendel's mother.
Finally, he wins the battle.

Jose P. Fernandez: Anna Wlodarczyk: Farzad J. Irani:


The Norton Anthology

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