* BEOWULF Battles Under The Water *

The warrior sees Grendel lying in the room with his deadly wounds, and in order to repay the beast for his savage attacks on the Danes and the Scyldings, he removes his head. After this, the sword begins to melt from the heat of the blood and the evil of the spirit it has slain. The following excerpt is a brief description of the blade's disintegration: "Then the blade began to waste away from the battle-sweat, the warsword into battle-icicles. That was a wondrous thing, that it should all melt, most like the ice when the Father loosens the frost's fetters, undoes the water-bonds--He Who has power over season and time: He is the true Ruler." During this time, the men above see the bloody, troubled water and fear that Beowulf has lost his life. They believe that Grendel's mother has again been victorious. With Grendel's head and the hilt of bright jewels in hand, Beowulf swims to the surface to receive his glory and honor. The men joyously help him from the water. It takes four men to carry Grendel's head into Heorot where it is placed for all to view as the trophy of battle.

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