At the Tabard Inn

This picture probably represents some of the pilgrims in The Canterbury Tales prepare to go on to their journey after they rest at the Tabard Inn. The picture nicely describes the characteristics and traits of each pilgrim.

Please guess which person is which! And click on each character's face to get further information.

The big kerchiefs and the hat she wears clearly tell us she is The Wife of Bath. She thinks of herself as God's gift to men.

From his gentle behavior, this can be The Knight. He is valiant, true, perfect, and gentle who proves his worth is in his lord's wars. He has fought fifteen mortal battles(battle to the death) and has always won the highest honor.

Judging by his cloth, this is The Monk who is a hard-riding horseman who hunts dogs and rabbits. He is a fair monk.

This is probably The Squire who is the son of the Knight. He is about twenty years old of normal height, and of great strength. He wears tights and a short gown with long, wide sleeves. He dances, composes songs and poems, draws, and writes well.

The tiny coral beads she holds tell us she is Prioress. On the beads, it is a lovely golden brooch, on which is written first a crowned 'A', and then 'Amor Vincit Omnia'(means 'Love Conquers All'). She is a nun. Chaucer describes her as beautiful with blue eyes and a small mouth, but she has an enormous forehead.