Steve Little

  Currently a Project Manager at Prudential Securities in the Informations
Systems division, Steve started his career in the music business.  His first 
classical piano lessons began at the age of ten, and by the age of fourteen 
he played his first live performance with a rock band.  In the 1980's, together
with his brother and a pair of identical twins, he performed full time in the
New Jersey Rock circuit with a band called "Liar." Among "Liar's" credits 
were opening for musical acts REM, The Romantics, and Squeeze, as well 
as a guest appearance on the "Kate and Allie" show.  Steve currently makes
his home in New Jersey with his lovely expecting wife. Steve created and 
compiled the Christian elements page as well acquire the wonderful images 
that adorn his page. Steve also helped in the HTML coding of his page.

EMail:Steve Little 

Joe Sera

  A freelance graphic artist, programmer and webpage designer who is 
currently attending Pace University. Joe has an associates degree in 
aircraft design from the College of Aeronautics in Queens.  He is an avid 
guitar player and uses his computer not only for web page publishing and
graphics, but also for music composition. Joe created much of the graphics 
for this document including all of the main page as well as the headings of 
all the sub-pages. He also created most of the HTML code. Joe was born 
in Budapest, Hungary and now lives in Brooklyn. He is engaged and plans
to be married in 2 years. The graphics and HTML were produced on a 25Mhz 
68040 based Amiga 3000 with 34 Megs ram, Cybervision64, AmigaDOS 3.1
and CyberGFX 3.  The graphics were created using Lightwave 4.0 and 
ImageFX 2.6. The HTML was created using CygnusED and Web Designer.

EMail:Joe Sera

Don Nelson

Don is an independent computer consultant specializing in microcomputer
software development and project management. His company, Vertibase Inc., 
specializes in Foxpro and Visual Foxpro development and has been 
implementing solutions for small to large companies since 1987. Prior to 
being a consultant, Don studied Computer Science at Buffalo University 
and was a drummer in a band called The Wind, which had a video on MTV
and three records: one of which was voted one of the 10 best EP's of 
1987 by the Village Voice - and another that was recommended by 
Billboard Magazine. Don created the Pagan Elements (in Beowulf) page.

EMail:Don Nelson

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