Dr. Angel Rosado: So, now we've both written our thoughts up on this scene. Where do we go from here?

Dr. Cheryl Karim: Well, we find the treasure and cash in on this. We can use these scene analysis papers as a decent cover.

Dr. Angel Rosado: But, is it right to do this? Should we be entering the world that belongs to the historic and the literary? Should we--what are you doing?

{Cheryl is ineffectively trying to move a large boulder alone}

Dr. Cheryl Karim: Interpretive dance. Looking for the treasure! If you want to give a soliloquy, please do. But I'm going to find the treasure and get RICH.

Dr. Angel Rosado: Well, when you put it like that, which way do we move this boulder?

{Hours later they have successfully moved the boulder. Much to their chagrin, behind it sits a large chest}

Dr. Cheryl Karim: Well, this is it. We're either rich or fools.

Dr. Angel Rosado: What do you think's in there..?

Dr. Cheryl Karim: Oh, I definately hope some Anglo-Saxon prose!

{They stare at each other for a moment}

Dr. Cheryl Karim: Gold, Angel. I hope it's GOLD.

Dr. Angel Rosado: It was just a question, Wife of Bath! No need for the attitude.

Dr. Cheryl Karim: What did you call me?

{A shoving match ensues and the cave begins to grumble in displeasure. The ceiling begins to crumble in on them..}

Dr. Angel Rosado: Look what you did!

Dr. Cheryl Karim: Me?! This is ALL your fault!

Dr. Angel Rosado: Grab the chest! We can still make it out!

{They run with the chest, suspiciously weighing little, through the mouth of the cave. Once they catch their breath, the two stare at the chest with greed in their eyes..}

Dr. Cheryl Karim: I cut my hand back there. You open it up.

{As he bends down to oblige, she hits him from behind with a crowbar}

Dr. Cheryl Karim: Sorry, Unferth. This is my loot.

Click the pentagram below to see what was in the chest.