Welcome Noble Thanes!!       


            Ahh,.. you have decided to stay. Now that you have

settled in, come join us in our story-telling. Listen if you will of tales

of brave warriors and kings; of how they defeated and conquered

their enemy. Listen of the virtues and of the spoils of war. Come sit with me

and listen as our scops sing their tales. Look. Here comes one now and by the look of him

he has a story to tell. Let us listen:


            “Hear ye Hear ye… Oh noble thanes, lend me your ears; for I have a great tale to tell, the greatest

tale you will ever hear, the greatest of them all. Listen carefully as I tell you a tale of a young warrior,

strong and mighty, brave and true. Listen as I tell of his adventures, of his struggle with unimaginable

creatures of the dark. His name is known throughout the Danish lands and his stories are told over many

seas. I have many a tale to tell of him, however, tonight my memory leaves me – it must be the strength of

this great mead. Tonight I will tell you of one of his many adventures – his struggle with a wretched

monster in a dark cave. This monster is the mother of a creature whom our hero had triumphantly

defeated; they call her Grendel’s mother. This story has two versions, both of which I will tell. Now gather

around noble thanes and listen as I tell you of a tale of

the chronicles of the hero they call – Beowulf."


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